Don’t Pee Next to Shaquille O’Neal


On his Facebook page yesterday, Shaquille O'Neal posted a cartoon about proper restroom etiquette featuring two men, one of whom is depicted striding in a swishy manner, relieving themselves at adjacent urinals, telling his followers what he would do should he encounter such a situation:

This is an automatic fight in my book…..LMFAO.

The posting has prompted more than 1,015 comments, a majority of them homophobic. Though he may have not intended it, the post, which points out a common men's room faux pas avoided by straight and gay men alike, has encouraged and produced hateful dialogue against the latter.

O'Neals' Facebook page has more than 3,250,000 likes.


  1. Rick says

    I agree with most of the comments in that screenshot – I’d kick their ass too!

    @Ripper – hey, you’re surprised? This is Towleroad, where all the politi-tards look for reasons to get all uppity & whiny.

  2. anonymous says

    What’s a “straight beet down”?

    Is that where the guy uses heterosexual vegetables to hit you?

  3. AJ says

    I completely agree with Shaq on this. MOVE DOWN. And don’t go in the stall next to me if there are several others available. No one likes to take a dump shoulder-to-shoulder with someone unless it’s absolutely necessary. And that cartoon is not “swishy”. Gimme a break.

  4. says

    “avoided by straight and gay men alike”

    Really? I guess some people have never been to a leather bar or a sex club. Why are Americans so uptight?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Shaquille, like so many arrogant hetero turds overestimates his sexual attractiveness to women and Gays. How can a big fat motha’ f.cka’ who aint pretty have no sense of humility?

    Rick, at your age who the would want to stand next to you at urinal and look at your wrinkled ding ding?

    Does machismo and stupidity go hand and hand?

  6. danswon says

    “a majority of them homophobic” – i had a quick glance through the comments, barely any homophobia, just the usual puerile nonsense.

    i think anybody can see that the posted picture has nothing to do with sexuality, and the majority of people can see that

  7. ratbastard says

    Oh man. I agree 100% with O’Neil. Another one of my pet peeves is people who decide to sit right next to you, even though there’s plenty of empty space wherever you are, train, etc., And this really gets under my skin: I take subway trains all the time, and they generally have simple seating with rows facing each other, to maximize space and available seating. Trains are generally crowded all the time, but occasionally when it’s half empty you’ll get a person who decides to sit sideways [to look out the window?] while sitting a foot or two from your face. I’m an assertive and fairly aggressive person by nature, and always turn around and give them the stink eye. After a while some will say something like ‘WTF,yo?’ and I’ll ask WTF is their problem. Then, they usually turn away and sit normally.

    A lot of people really need to get their head out of their a** and show some respect and manners towards others in public places. It’s getting worse all the time,IMO.

  8. Michael says

    And, yes, once again the guys posting on the FB page with snide comments are the men no gay man would ever want to catch a glimpse of.

  9. Shelly says

    Getting outraged over stuff that isn’t even there only undermines our credibility when *real* stuff merits an outraged response.

    If I were a guy, that would seriously unnerve me, too. It’s riding in an empty subway car and a stranger gets on board and decides to sit right next to you. Getting upset when someone shows total disregard for one’s personal space =/= homophobia.

  10. Joseph L. says

    It isn’t homophobia, it is about personal space. Definitely skeeves me out a bit when someone decides to pee right next to you for no reason.

  11. Nigel says

    Oh WTF, maybe someone is pissing in the urinal next to you because there is a urinal there. It is not like you two are crossing streams in a single toilet. If you need that level of privacy piss in a toilet with the stall door closed and locked. What freaks me out is some dude standing around in a public restroom not pissing when there are plenty of urinals or toilets available. If only every other urinal was to be used, then there would be less urinals spaced farther apart. Only YOUR world revolves around YOUR penis, other people just have to piss and the first available urinal works for me.

  12. TonyJazz says

    This reinforces why Charles Barkley is more intelligent than Shaq.

    Poor Shaq… What a tool…..

  13. Francis says

    It really isn’t a big deal if someone pees next to you. Preferring a guy pees at an open urinal not directly next to you? Yes, that’s understandable. But it shouldn’t be that big a deal. Just pee and get out. I don’t think Shaq intended to be homophobic. But his followers are a different story. I wouldn’t say MOST comments are homophobic but a lot of them are and it’s ignorant, but at the same time, it comes as no surprise given the type of people who are commenting in the first place.

  14. Spikee says

    Obviously the people agreeing with Shaq are missing the point. He is encouraging violence against a simple misunderstanding OR EVEN if the person is trying to pick you up. YOU DON’T FIGHT SOMEONE just cause they may be cruising you. All this is really encouraging is gay bashing. really is.

  15. Francis says

    I don’t actually think Shaq was implying anything about cruising. More like you’re breaking the “man code” by peeing next to him and violating his personal space. Of course, that doesn’t excuse his idea that one should be violent because of that. That’s ridiculous and that is the comment that gives an OK to gaybashing or just bashing.

  16. jamal49 says

    Ugly homophobia from the ugliest man alive (Shaquille O’Neal, followed by Lebron James).

    Of course, with a name like, uh, “Shaquille”, I’d be a little sensitive, too.

  17. Francis says

    I read through all the comments. I’d say about 35%-ish were homophobic. It wasn’t as homophobic as I thought it would be, for better or worse. It was really sophomoric, though. Very sophomoric. It also highlights how insecure guys are in this country.

  18. Bryan says

    Although the post spawned stupid homophobic comments, I 100% agree with him, penis envy aside, it’s one of the most awkward things being at a urinal and the other person doesn’t respect the space rule.

  19. GregV says

    What I find annoying is when people (like Shaquille)claim an arbitrarily-determined amount of public space as their own.
    I was on the subway yesterday and when I saw the person on the inside seat ding the bell I stood up to let him out, and then I moved to that seat so that the outside seat becomes available to any stranger who wants it WITHOUT having to ask me to move my legs.
    Every time I see someone in a crowded coffee shop take up an entire armchair to accommodate her purse or his backpack, I have half a mind to go sit right on it. Are they completely unaware that they are in a public space that gives them the right to ONE seat only?

    I’ve slso seen the odd house with a homemade sign out front saying “Don’t park in front of my house.” You own the house, not the whole street!

    And if I’m using a urinal, I don’t pay much attention to which one someone else decides to use. This “code” of acceptable distances is certainly not universal, and random strangers have no way of knowing what your personal “rule” is.

    Ironically, Shaquille’s response to the Newtown massacre was that “something must be done to protect our children and our communities.”
    He (and a few commenters here) seems oblivious to the fact that encouraging his young fans to become violent about anyone violating the tiniest insecurity they have is a part of the problem.
    This attitude is the seed of what could turn a young fan into a future George Zimmerman, first attacking someone because he used a nearby urinal and later in life shooting someone because he feels insecure about his hoodie and skittles.
    Learn to live and let live. Mind your own business and let other people do theirs… in whatever urinal they want to use.

  20. bravo says

    I prefer a 1-2 urinal separation: I get a better view. My eyes don’t do as well when we are so close.

  21. Kevin B says

    I am occasionally in awe on this website at how easily bent out of shape people get. This is one of them.

    References to Sandy Hook? Seriously?

    I wish there was an anti hysteria spray I could use on same gay men.

  22. Acem says

    There was nothing wrong with what Shaq said. Everyone’s personal space should be respected in this kind of situation…and if there are MULTIPLE urinals available, you don’t choose the one that is next to another man while he’s trying to go. That’s creepy, rude and suspicious.

    This whole “controversy” is beyond STUPID and makes the gay community look like a bunch of over-sensitive whiners who’re frankly shellshocked when it comes to “homophobia.”