1. MalaysianHo says

    hmm, when can we get hot babes get hit by slo-mo water balloons or hot babes in sexy lingerie. Am I wrong to assume 105% Towleroad viewerships are male homosexuals ?

  2. Chadd says

    Because, MALAYSIANHO, hitting hot babes with water balloons would be sexist, degrading, misogynistic, stereotypical and probably cruel. When you hit a hot guy with a water balloon, its cute, funny and sexy.

  3. bandanajack says

    its not like you can’t find a gazillion hot babes getting drenched with one thing and another on youtube. the fact that its a guy (a very fit and symmetrical guy i might add) makes it a novelty.

    and please, as useful as a new aggregator as it is, TR isn’t CNN.

  4. Miguel R. says

    I’m kinda more offended by this than the soft-core porn stuff. It seems to pretend to be sorta scientific. It’s pornographic. At least the soft porn stuff is honest. This water balloon thing- why??? Perplexing. And I felt like I was getting stupider as I was watching it. Because it’s like, “NO WAIT, HERE COMES SOMETHING SUPER INTERESTING—-BACKWARDS!!!” Weird, stupid stuff.

  5. rocko says

    FUN!And a great treasure trail!!
    ANd in response to the guy who wants hot babes…Have you read the banner??…Unless you are a woman…then I apologize..
    People need to relax..enjoy a bit of nonsense now and then..

  6. Mario says

    Awesome video! Completely gratuitous. I love objectifying men. HAHA! Art, porn, whatever you want to call it, I don’t care but make more of it! Oh yeah, and make some videos of girls for @Mark.

  7. Rich F. says

    @ Miguel R.: Stop clutching your pearls so hard, sweetie. You’ll strangle yourself.

    As for the video, I loved how all of his muscles tensed up just before impact.

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