1. MikeBoston says

    Hmmm – unwilling to let go of things that are holding him back?

    Must be a republican dog.

  2. Gus says

    Next time don’t play with me tossing such a long stick you know I cannot fetch back to you. It is only funny to the jerk who set me up.

  3. TicoSF says

    Reminds me of a boyfriend I had in L.A. once; he was big, blond and hairy, all heart but not very bright. Very sweet.

  4. freddy says

    It’s a dog…they’re supposed to know to maneuver a large stick through a much smaller gate?

  5. bobby says

    I LOVE dogs and in the back of my mind I felt sorry for the dog… BUT… this was hilarious. Thank you for sharing! :)