The OXD Mirror: Josh’s Essential Tracks of 2012












Niki and the Dove: 'Somebody'

After Swedish duo Niki and the Dove finally debuted their freshman album Instinct in the U.S., this track immediately caught my attention.  It pulls in 80's feel good beats and a great hook to make this a perfect song to listen to while trying to convince your friends (or lover) to meet you out.


Flight Facilities: 'Foreign Language'

I'm including this lovely song as a technicality since it actually made its debut in 2011 along with the incredible video that accompanies it.  2012 was the year that various remixes as well as inclusion of this song on compliations by Future Disco and Defected Records have appeared heavily, causing the to song really catch on this past summer.  It's truly the definition of a "modern classic" and I can never get enough of it!


This week's post was written and curated by Josh Appelbaum.

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  1. Dan Zam says

    Little Boots’ Shake is old news from Nov 2011. We’ve been waiting for new material since so you really can’t classify this track as essential from 2012.

  2. Mark says

    ‘Mainline’ is not an original track and it’s “in-your-face 90’s house” sound is just a remake of the Jason Load Experience cover & remixes (1989/93) which is a cover of Black Ivory’s 1979 original.

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