The OXD Mirror: New Music for 1.18.13













Rambla Boys feat. Stee Downes: 'Rock Solid'

Rambla Boys' new track featuring vocalist Stee Downes is a perfectly pitched deep house work with all the right elements for a summer anthem, including echoed beats, warm melodies and a catchy bass. The Venice-based duo does a great job making us long for Winter to be over soon, so we can finally rock this beautiful song by the beach.


Breakbot: 'Break of Dawn (Dimitri From Paris Boogie Dawn Remix)'

Breakbot was responsible for one of my favorite albums of 2012, By Your Side, and now the French producer allowed the opening track of his masterpiece to be re-worked by house and disco legend Dimitri From Paris. Although the "Boogie Dawn" version of this track doesn't strain away too much from the original, it does add the essential elements to make it a great dance song. Better yet, it is available for free download, so make sure to grab your copy while it's up.


Sally Shapiro feat. Electric Youth: 'Starman'

Sally Shapiro is one of the most exciting acts coming from Sweden recently and first came to public attention during the Swedish electro boom in 2006, following artists like Boat Club, Pacific! and The Knife. The duo comprised of singer Shapiro and producer Johan Agebjörn is known for being heavily influenced by 80's italo-disco, and using this inspiration to create extremely beautiful, almost romantic dance tracks. Their third studio album is due later in February and 'Starman' is an exciting indication of what is to come.


This week's post was written and curated by Tadeu Magalhães.

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