1. Mark says

    I have a problem with all those retard smiles like they all had brain surgery, and the background music gave me diabetes, and almost 8 min really ?; a brief add of 3 min with facts and appealing music, that’s how u do it ._.’

  2. Caliban says

    Well have at it, Mark. Start your own group, build it into a success, then make a video and show us all how it’s done.

  3. Howard says

    I’m so glad there are places like this for GLBT youth. They no longer have to feel like they are the only one in the whole world who feels like they do.

  4. Mark says

    First, Mark, I am ashamed to share the same name with you. Second, as someone who works with developmentally disabled people, I will kick your ass if I ever meet you for using the word “retard”. Third, 8 minutes of seeing young people and their families growing together is too much for you? How much time do you spend picking up tricks on Grindr? Go back in your hole.

  5. fritzrth says

    Sheesh. Mark. People smiling and loving and hugging and accepting and supporting each other is just so yucky, isn’t it. Can’t wait to see your 3-minute infomercial with people frowning and spouting sterile facts in a monotone. Yep. That’s the way to do it. And maybe you should watch who you’re calling “retard.”

  6. fritzrth says

    What I would have given for a place like this back in the ’60s when I was growing up. Of course, I would have had to handle it like the person who couldn’t show his/her face, but to have this kind of support back then would have made a lot of difference.

  7. Mark says

    See it from the point of view of a straight person, nobody would watch this 8 min video till the end, it’s not effective, it wont make ppl to change their minds about gay issues, therefor it won’t help noone, it will only serve of self compassion, it doesnt work

  8. Robert says

    Biggest cheer goes to the little girl who started a GSA at her middle school and had 24 kids show up. AWESOME.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    Oh and one more thing, did you notice that some of the people were “fat” and “old”. When those that oppose equality stand up and speak, screaming Queens come out with “look at that Fat and old….”. Well guess what “Fat” and “old” also LOVE their children and do believe in equality. Just thought you should be bitched slapped.

  10. Mark says

    Mark, wake up. This video is not about or intended for STRAIGHT PEOPLE. This video is for all the GLBTQ kids out there who are alone, frightened, considering suicide, and who think no one cares. And believe me,they need a lot more than 8 minutes of someone’s time. And it MAY help them, and that’s why they made it.

  11. Paul R says

    Jeez. The web has been around for many years. Why do so many of you still respond to idiots who post stupid comments?

  12. DB says

    I love the United Church of Christ. The nation’s second oldest Christian denomination continues to be a leader in helping gay children and adults. God bless the Church, the Place, and all families!

  13. says

    LOL the trolls on this site (Mark/Mary/Ratbastard/UFFDA) are the most obvious trolls in their trolling of any other site I visit. They are just pathetic at it.

  14. CZ says

    I know the parents who started this group personally, some of my best friends mentor & run the program, I know the guy who produced & filmed this video & I know some of the young adults who attend this group, so I’m a little biased when I say that this is one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen. It has saved many lives & will continue to do so. I can be proud in saying I am a part of the community in Modesto.

  15. cando64 says

    The video was 8 minutes?? It sure didn’t seem like it. Absolutely wonderful, as are all the people involved in making this video and in making a difference in the lives of GLBTQ youth. It’s just so sad that some people can’t see that.