Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1292

REMEMBER THIS?: An ad that ran for a number of years telling you, yes you, to get a new television ahead of the Super Bowl.

BRAVE: Men experience labor pains.

REAL LOVE: Video for the Divine Fits’ single “My Love is Real.”

ASYLUM: Gay Iranians looking for safe space.

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    Highland Appliance had some of the best TV commercials back in the 70’s and 80’s. We miss them here in Michigan!

  2. Eric says

    I read a site yesterday where a woman said that the pain from kidney stones was worse than labor pains. I hope I never find out first hand.

  3. zacherieshavell says

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  4. Ninong says

    Haha! Heidi! That’s a reference to the 1968 game between the Jets and the Raiders when NBC cut off the end of the game to begin broadcasting the movie, “Heidi.”

    NBC cut off the game with 1:01 left to play and the Jets leading. The Raiders scored two touchdowns in that final minute of the game to beat the Jets, 43-32. That resulted in the Heidi rule: networks must broadcast all NFL games to conclusion no matter how long they last.