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A look back at today's top stories


It's been two days since President Obama's inagural address in which he mentioned gay rights and Bryan Fischer of the AFA is still palpitating about it. A horrible story out of Boston where an LGBT group at Boston Law School had their office vandalized with disgusting and offensive graffiti. Also an openly gay pastor from Louisville and his long-time partner were arrested yesterday after they tried to obtain a marriage license



Hilary Clinton was questioned today at Senate hearings about the Benghazi attacks and was not at all amused. First she ripped into a Republican Senator from Wisconsin about his line of questioning regarding "ill-preparedness" prior to the attack. Then she did her best McKayla Maroney impression while she listened to Rand Paul tell her that he would have fired her. Overall, she made her critics look small.

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow hypothesized that Obama's mention of gay rights was a preemptive message for the Supreme Court. And Jon Stewart was at his finest taking down the major networks' coverage of the inauguration




Anderson Cooper has a message to all the Beyonce haters out there. Why is no one more impressed with how flawless her lip-syncing was? Manti Te'o gave his first interview post-Catfishing to Katie Couric and admitting to briefly lying to the public about his non-existent girlfriend. And congratulations to Chely Wright and her wife Lauren who have announced they are expecting twins!



This high-schooler from New Jersey could teach Jodie Foster a thing or two as he comes out to his entire class and receives a well-deserved standing ovation. And is this what John Boehner said to Michelle Obama that earned him some epic shade from the First Lady?

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