1. Derrick from Philly says

    Ok, so she didn’t come out years ago when many of you her wanted to. And she’s not an activist working for the welfare of Gay folks not as fortunate as she is. She’s still given me many moments of joy going back to her performance in “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”. I still love her and appreciate her great talent.

    But then again, I’m old.

  2. stephen lucas says

    I think Jodie Foster harmed herself immensely at the Golden Globes. The comments I’ve been reading have been largely negative towards her.

    Maybe she’s been hanging out with Mel Gibson too much. It does strange things to you.

  3. says

    Why the EFF didn’t she just say the EFFING WORD? It’s okay, Jodie, just say it. Just say the word: “gay” – because it’s okay.

  4. candideinnc says

    Does she really think her coming out was more difficult than the rest of us coming out? Scr*w that.

  5. DAN says

    “I’ve been reading have been largely negative towards her.” Yeah, by mostly bitter, negative queens on this board.

  6. jeffinla says

    She wants to have a new experience. Who cares how she got here. She is one of us and always has been. Love.

  7. Robert says

    “‘I’ve been reading have been largely negative towards her.’ Yeah, by mostly bitter, negative queens on this board.”

    Yep. I thought the speech was a mess, but pretty much every other media outlet and straight celebrity has gushed over it.

  8. FunMe says

    If she didn’t want to come out, why spent the majority of her speech criticizing brave GLBTs who have come out? She sounded old and bitter. She RABBLED so much in her speech, I didn’t quiet get her point.

    Here’s the thing. Hollywood loves her. They admire her acting and she has exhibited an amazing piece of artistic work. Obviously this is true as she got her award.

    If she was so concerned about “privacy” (i.e. being entitled as most Hollywood “royalty” acts) … then don’t mention anything related to being gay. Instead she went on … and on … and on.

    She doesn’t owe me anything. And we don’t owe her anything either. But with her RAMBLING and judging other brave GLBTs, she simply got new people to dislike her.

    Shame. She could have been life affirming but it sounds like she’s still embarrassed about who she is and prefers to pal around with homophobes/bigots like Mel Gibson.

    What was she thinking?

  9. Tom Smith says

    NO, she was not saying she was gay.
    She was taking the time to thank all of her supporters, including a long time partner.
    Good for her. Not everyone is a flag waver.
    But this is also a time for those who understand that the young ones are coming out earlier and earlier and need our support. So maybe she was trying to do that, but I can still understand her hesitancy. Now we need more sex education including AIDS information.

  10. Sam says

    Had she said “I am coming out as gay” then people like HOGANBCMJ and FUNME would, no doubt, have instead posted here something along the lines of “Please girl! Lke we didn’t all already know that. Get over yourself.” Some people (i.e. pissy queens) can never just be happy or enjoy a bizarre speech by a great actress.

  11. Darren says

    Everyone has their own story..
    I’m always shocked when no matter how anyone chooses the direction that is most comfortable to them that it is still critiqued
    And the gay community always has those individuals that will put an individual down because the choices they make are not the choices that others expect.
    Maybe it is sooo difficult because we would expect those that might best understand to stand behind us yet they never do..they are the worst in telling us how it should have been done differently.!!

  12. Lucas says

    You all take things way too seriously. She came out. Awesome for her! She made an awkward speech while doing it, so of course she is going to get made fun of. Nobody is mocking her for being gay, they are just laughing at the awkward way she came out.