Posts from February 7, 2013

I Want Tony Danza: VIDEO


Sherry Vine with the best "Private Dancer" parody that will remind you of all the hunkiest 70's TV stars you'll hear all night. Watch, AFTER THE JUMP……

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1302

THE DOMA PROJECT: Becky and Sanne are fighting to keep their family together. IMPROV EVERYWHERE: A surprise light show in honor of Grand Central Station's 100th birthday. BAT ORPHANS: It's dinnertime! UK MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Andrea Williams, th…

Gay Man Quizzed on Female Anatomy: VIDEO


Billy Eichner attempts to find out how much one gay man knows about women's bodies. Will Johnny have to wear the "Me Don't Know Nothing" sign? Find out, AFTER THE JUMP… Related…The Straight Girl's Guide to Gay Sex: VIDEO [tl…

UK Teen Hangs Himself After Anti-Gay Bullying


Another teen lost to anti-gay bullying, this time in the UK. 16-year-old Anthony Stubbs' body was found in the woods near his home, six weeks after he had disappeared. He had hanged himself. His mother says it was because of anti-gay bullying: St…