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Towleroad Talking Points: Finding Nemo

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Nemo from space


A look back at today's top stories


We've got a bunch of fun entertainment-related stories to keep you company if you are snowed in on this Friday night. First here is a video for all of those men out there who aren't in touch with their gay side. No hetero, bro. RuPaul got the big white afro out for the video for "Peanut Butter". Speaking of music videos this song is poised to become the anthem for all the girls who suddenly find themselves with a gay best friend

TerryAndy Cohen had Jenny McCarthy on his show last night and they took some time to cop a feel on the model who starred in the Calvin Klein commercial during the Super Bowl. Also Ellen sounds off on the Boy Scouts' ban on gays and reminds us that we should be worrying about much scarier things while in the wilderness



DC Comics has made a terrible decision in that they have decided to hire a known anti-gay bigot to pen their latest comic. Good news in Colorado where the state Senate has approved a marriage equality bill. And students in Maryland have been shown an "ex-gay" therapy video as a solution to gay-related bullying. Luckily the video has been pulled, but the damage may have already been done. 



Stephen Colbert lays out the reasons why Stacey "Don't Say Gay" Campfield will end up in the White House

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Lawrence O'Donnell on the UK's Marriage Equality Vote and the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: VIDEO


In a segment on The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell lauded the UK House of Commons vote this week to approve marriage equality, highlighting the story of Oscar Wilde, imprisoned for "gross indecency" for homosexuality 118 years ago, referencing a poem Wilde wrote while jailed there.

Said O'Donnell:

"Tonight in England, Oscar Wilde would not have to hide in clefts in the rocks and would not have to weep in secret valleys.”


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Arkansas Cafe Says No to Equality Group's Fundraiser, Compares Them to the KKK


Richard Hodo, the owner of Sisters Gourmet Bistro in Van Buren, canceled a planned fundraiser by River Valley Equality Center, a local LGBT rights group, after he found out who they were, ABC4029 reports:

"I told them that I do not support their cause, that if they want to do that that's their business. I do not care, but I don't support their lifestyle and their cause," said Hodo.

The organization said they raise awareness for the gay and lesbian community in the River Valley.

"What I told the lady on the on the phone, look I said if the KKK came here and wanted to hold a fundraiser rally and all that, I wouldn't allow that either," said Hodo.

Check out the video interview here.

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James Dale, Plaintiff in 2000 Supreme Court Case, Calls on Scouts to Drop the Gay Ban

James Dale, the plaintiff in the 2000 Supreme Court case Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, writes about the reasons he challenged the Scouts.

DaleAnd the letter from the Scouts revoking his membership that set things in motion:

With this one letter, the work to which I had dedicated more than half of my young life came completely undone. I was devastated. Yet, it was precisely the sense of leadership, respect, equality and community that the Scouts had instilled in me that would not allow me to accept this injustice, done not just to me but to countless other young gay people who had found a home in the Boy Scouts of America. Not fighting my expulsion from the Scouts would have been a betrayal of all I’d learned in the Scouts....

...If sexual issues are not brought up in the Scouting environment — and in my experience, they never were, until an outside party publicized my homosexuality — that’s all the more reason that it should not matter if some members happen to be gay. It has no impact on their ability to earn an American heritage merit badge, join the Order of the Arrow or achieve lifelong Eagle Scout status.

Why did I challenge the Boy Scouts’ anti-gay policy? Because I am a loyal Scout. [wapo]

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Thailand Considers Civil Union Bill; Would Be First Country in Asia

Hundreds of people have turned out for hearings on a civil unions bill in Bangkok before the Rights and Liberties Protection Department and the House committee on Legal Affairs, Justice, and Human Rights. The bill, if passed, would be the first of its kind across Asia.

ThailandThe Bangkok Post reports:

The House committee chaired by Pol Gen Viroon Phuensaen, a Pheu Thai Party-list MP, started drafting the bill a year ago after receiving a complaint from a gay male couple. The couple said they had been denied a marriage certificate.

Three more public hearings will take place at Chiang Mai University on Friday, Khon Kaen University on Feb 22 and Prince of Songkhla University on March 1, respectively. Opinions from the public will be gathered and used to amend the bill before being proposed to the cabinet for further consideration. If the cabinet rejects the bill, the supporters have pledged to collect 10,000 names of eligible voters or at least 20 members of the House of Representatives to forward to parliament for consideration.

The bill would give same-sex couples the same marriage rights as other couples, said Setthawut Rugsujitrat, a participant at the public hearing.

Supporters acknowledge that the bills chances are slim, but are hopeful that its consideration marks a new era for gay people in the region.

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'Don't Say Gay' Bill Lawmaker Stacey Campfield Will Be Our Next President, Says Stephen Colbert: VIDEO


Stephen Colbert believes he has found the next U.S. president in Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield, the author of the draconian "Don't Say Gay" bill.


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