$30,000+ More For The Trevor Project From Vassar Students


In addition to the more than $40,000 Vassar's LGBT-friendly community has raised for the Trevor Project after the hideously hateful Westboro Baptist Church's announced it would picket the "Ivy League whorehouse," neither of which Vassar is, the school's campus has helped raise another $30,000 for the project, an organization that works to stop suicide and contributing factors scuh as anti-gay bullying and rejection.

Combined, students at and alumni from Vassar, which by complete coincidence happens to be where Andy, theater critic Naveen Kumar and I all attended, have helped raised $76,957 for The Trevor Project, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

So, thanks Westboro! Your hate is quite an inspiration for love.


  1. Bill says

    Don’t trust the Poughkeepsie Journal – while the Towleroad link didn’t work, when I typed in the URL it seemed to encode, I got one page, but after that it complained that you had to allow cookies to view the site. The only reason other than incompetence or complete and utter stupidity to “require” cookies for viewing static content is to invade your privacy.

  2. Down with Elitism says

    It’s too bad the Vassar community can’t raise enough money to ensure that students from low-income families can afford to attend their college. Being elitist is being right-wing, regardless of any left-wing affectations these students may have.

  3. jjose712 says

    Down with Elitism: Fantastic, it’s incredibly how downers are some people in this webpage.
    The guys did a great thing, but you find a excuse to put them down. Really great

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