50+ Pro-Equality Organizations Send Letter to Obama Urging Executive Order on LGBT Discrimination: READ IT

More than 50 pro-equality LGBT groups and allied groups sent a letter today to President Obama urging him to issue an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating in employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, HRC reports:

Obama“Issuing an executive order is a crucial step toward ending workplace discrimination against LGBT people,” said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin.  “After a historic pro-equality first term, President Obama could level the playing field for LGBT employees of federal contractors with the stroke of a pen and ensure they have an equal opportunity to succeed.”

“By banning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT Americans, President Obama would extend the commitment to non-discrimination first made by President Roosevelt more than 70 years ago when he signed an executive order integrating the nation's shipyards and other worksites run by defense contractors,” said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. “Taking this action would result in at least some workplaces in all 50 states having legally binding protections for LGBT Americans – a first in our nation's history."

“Nearly 175,000 Americans have signed Freedom to Work’s online petition asking President Obama to issue an executive order to save our taxpayer money from subsidizing workplace discrimination,” said Tico Almeida, President of the LGBT organization Freedom to Work.  “We are grateful to the dozens of national organizations joining today’s letter to urge the President that the time to act is now.”

Read the letter and see the list of signatories below:

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  1. Icebloo says

    Obama is a fair weather gay supporter. He SAYS he supports us but he doesn’t do anything for us until we protest loudly and threaten to withold our money and votes from his campaign.

    Yes Obama has done WAY more for gays than any other President and I certainly do not want an evil scumbag Republican in the White House but let’s face it if Obama is claiming to support us to keep the young vote then he needs to PROVE it by enacting all of these simple laws without us having to push and beg.
    He has a chance to put this law into practice during his last term but at the last minute he lost his balls and sold us out. Let’s see if he values us any more now.

  2. Francis says

    Time to do the right thing, Barack Obama. Good to see his feet behind held to the fire and pressure being put on him. We cannot let the President and Democrats in general waffle on us without consequences.

  3. Larry says

    DEAR ICEBLOO, if President Obama signs an executive order granting gays rights it can only go on the federal level NOT on every level like if congress passes it that is why we need congress to pass gay rights laws for the President to sign so we as gays can have equality on every level not just federal.

    we need congress to pass gay rights laws. sorry if i didn’t explain it good enough but what the president is doing is great so far, what we need to do is continue voting democrat so the president can have gay rights legislation to sign on his desk

  4. Josh says

    But It’s okay to golf with the “disgraced” Tiger Woods, and keep the press away? Everyone call’s this the “right thing” History will prove otherwise. And what are the “consequences’ Francis?