1. Leo says

    Some of us actually appreciate camp. I can’t stand the hyper fake masculine crowd who wants to take every opportunity to remind us how masculine they are, all while bashing those who don’t fit their narrow ideals of male mannerisms.
    Loosen your butthole and get a grip.

  2. luke says

    the gay roommate is a bit camp, though you see it more in other episodes than this, but really he’s just a normal guy with a few camp factors about him and a soft voice. i think that’s one of the nice things about being gay, you stop worrying about people thinking you’re gay like it’s a bad thing when you do something that isn’t typical guy stuff etc.

    the series isn’t perfect, but i enjoy watching it. don’t care for the intro though.

  3. Fensox says

    Eh, See i have no problem with tone or camp, it’s the lack of constructive shots paired with bad timing. It just doesn’t work for me, like the last 3 years of SNL. All the material is there, the timing just vanished.

  4. David Hearne says

    Well this is just typical leftist-liberalism where effeminates who worship women because the PC camp has taught them to hate men try to recruit other naturally-masculine men to be effeminate like them so the whole world becomes effeminate.

    Naturally masculine men don’t want to be associated with effeminate men so we come here to tell you all to stop, but like most effeminacy-worshipping liberals you commenters ignore how masculine we are and pretend it’s an act because you can’t handle how incredibly masculine our words are.

  5. SayTheTruth says

    Homophobia is everywhere, but the biggest exponents I’ve seen usually are: 1) Those closeted gay/bisexuals who has to cover with hatred their insecurities. 2) Those effeminate gays who say they only like the purportedly straight guys (translation: bisexuals that despise them afterwards and never commit) and that are the first to point out that under every gay skin there is a woman craving to show herself. 3) Those transgender persons who think that they belong to a completely different category of people and that consider gays and lesbians an embarrassment, a fake cause, a joke or a game, while they are truly the real thing, the victims of misunderstanding, they don’t want to change anything in society, just be accepted for their true gender. Obviously I refer to only those who think and behave like that. Homophobia, when it comes from inside, is worse.

  6. DAN says

    2) Straight acting guys do the same.

    3) Some gay men can be just as homophobic against trandgenders and insist they belong to a different category of people and consider an embarrassment, a fake cause, a joke or a game.

    Nice try RICK. We see what game you are playing. Deflection.

  7. LYLE says

    I see RICK/SAYTHETRUTH is trying to pin the homopohobia problem on the “effeminates” and transgenders. What a class act. Bitter that you have no one for Valentine’s Day?

  8. Klien says

    I’m a fem gay boy and proud of it. I love being me and love my circle of friends, who include real masculine men comfortable in their skin and don’t judge other fem gays.

  9. Michael says

    David Hearne is an extreme fundementalist conservative with deep rooted homophobia, so it’s no wonder his type would resent identifiable gay men.

    I on the other hand love the fem and flamboyant boys and even sexually find them very attractive and cute.

  10. SayTheTruth says

    I don’t know about the aforementioned Rick –actually I don’t bother to read the nicks, as there is no way to be certain about anyone- but it seems he began a kind of a paranoia that some people are so ready to jump onto so quickly. You should read my comment slowly, in that way you should understand that I didn’t wrote that those were the only cases being homophobic, neither that the whole problem was because of them, just that it was more notorious –or really interesting given the irony of the haters- so slow down a little an wait for Rick to appear so you can quench your blood thirst. As I said –and I repeat- homophobia is everywhere, hey, reading properly is hard and harder is to ponder about the text, not strange given the education Americans seems to be having nowadays.

  11. HOCKEYJOCK says

    DAVID HEARNE : is anyone else reeaaally tired of the gays on this site who blame random things on liberals/leftists? What??? “Effeminacy worshipping liberals”??? LOL! It has NOTHING to do with political leanings, so please leave that out, thanks!

    I want to believe it’s ‘tongue in cheek’, however, there are enough Towleroad posters who write similar comments that it sounds serious. And if it’s not, it’s pretty unclear if it’s meant to be sarcasm. I see where you are coming from – but tone it way, way down so it’s less insulting : it’s an extreme exaggeration to claim there are ‘liberal’ effeminate PC gays trying to recruit men to turn the whole world effeminate. No one is amused by that. LOL, just ridiculous.

    SAYTHETRUTH : your first post said the ‘biggest exponents’ of homophobia were effeminate gays and transgenders. It’s not ‘bloodthirst’ to criticise you for that, because it’s an inaccurate statement. Personally, I have tons of effeminate and transgender friends, and many of them did a lot of work (in a positive way) in terms of rights for our community – it’s ridiculous to say they are homophobic. Founding a GSA on my college campus, protesting when athletes tried to ban gays from the athletics program and from the highschool is really NOT homophobia…

    I got a little bored with this vid as well…but hey, no harm in trying to make something funny. Yes, the guy is a pretty ‘camp’, but meh. I don’t necessarily like that some people might see this and think ‘Oh, so THAT’s how you become gay, you act like that dude, because that’s how all gay men act!’, but that’s also their problem for be ignorant and assuming the mannerisms must be the same for every gay guy on earth.

  12. LYLE says

    SAYTHETRUTH’s crap sounds familiar. He would come on here and make a bunch of over-the-top claims then say “that’s not what I really meant” and say we didn’t understand then backtrack and blame everyone else. The one who didn’t know the difference between fact and opinion (his opinion)…oh yes,that would be Nullnaught.

  13. FFS says

    Truly masculine men aren’t compelled to tell other people how masculine they are. That’s what insecure sad sacks do.

    I’ve often thought that, in many ways, effeminate men are more manly than the rest of us. Take the Stonewall riots, for example.

    They’ll be the saviors of us all.

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