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Adam Levine Strips Down for 7 Hollywood: VIDEO


Adam Levine appears on the cover of 7 Hollywood this month, along with a few other clothed "icons".

Watch his behind-the-scenes video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Little too much hype around Mr. Levine any more.

    Posted by: Butch | Feb 12, 2013 3:42:16 PM

  2. I agree with Butch - he's way overrated. And why is there an article on him on here anyway? He claims he's straight, so who cares?

    Posted by: Sergio | Feb 12, 2013 4:31:06 PM

  3. Adam Levine recently collaborated with homophobic singer 50 Cent. Did Andy Towle criticize him? Or is Adam Levine one of Andy's protected species?

    Posted by: sam | Feb 12, 2013 4:32:53 PM

  4. Looks like they don't like Adam. What do you do with comments anyway Andy? You do idolize a lot of straights on here.

    Posted by: Gary | Feb 12, 2013 6:07:38 PM

  5. I love ADam, don't give a crap what haters say, he is hot as balls! And a GREAT friend to us gays :-)

    Posted by: CKNJ | Feb 12, 2013 6:59:49 PM

  6. honestly he needs to leave his shirt on every once in a while, its a bit much already!

    Posted by: warren | Feb 12, 2013 9:55:38 PM

  7. @sergio - I agree, he is completely overrated. However, it still disappoints me when I see counteractive comments like yours 'he's straight, so who cares?' I tried to think of a "stereotypical straight" actor and searched Alexander Skarsgard on the site (Okay, I also just wanted to search him.) There were TWENTY SIX PAGES of results. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the site, and not be so quick to toss out sassy comments. I really thought the goal here, and in general, was equality (even in celebrity gossip!), not encourage the continuation of the segregation of gay/straight in today's media. Don't be that guy...

    Posted by: Conners | Feb 13, 2013 12:59:56 AM

  8. Adam has a gay brother and he's been publicly vocally gay friendly. I don't know what you bitter queens want, but you're exactly the kind of homos I avoid.

    Posted by: Jerry | Feb 13, 2013 1:04:35 AM

  9. So hot.

    Posted by: What | Feb 13, 2013 2:35:59 AM

  10. (Sigh.) I remember when he was effortlessly hot. How can someone not even 40 seem so old and desperate?

    Posted by: Mark | Feb 13, 2013 4:06:51 AM

  11. someone still has the name Jerry?

    Posted by: arrant | Feb 13, 2013 8:58:02 AM

  12. If you don't like the content, stop coming. It's really very simple.

    Posted by: BenR | Feb 13, 2013 9:03:57 AM

  13. Sorry, but Adam Levine is one of the hottest guys around.

    Whomever gets to go down on him is one lucky bastard.

    Posted by: Michael | Feb 13, 2013 10:21:58 AM

  14. eeewww - shaved within an inch of his life.

    Posted by: macca | Feb 13, 2013 11:33:30 AM

  15. The bitchy posts about one of our allies (with a gay brother no less) only reminds me once again that just being gay doesn't mean you're graced with class.

    Posted by: erick70115 | Feb 22, 2013 10:42:13 AM

  16. I wanna sniff his pits!

    Posted by: Astro Boy | Feb 25, 2013 8:45:43 PM

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