1. Conners says

    @sergio – I agree, he is completely overrated. However, it still disappoints me when I see counteractive comments like yours ‘he’s straight, so who cares?’ I tried to think of a “stereotypical straight” actor and searched Alexander Skarsgard on the site (Okay, I also just wanted to search him.) There were TWENTY SIX PAGES of results. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the site, and not be so quick to toss out sassy comments. I really thought the goal here, and in general, was equality (even in celebrity gossip!), not encourage the continuation of the segregation of gay/straight in today’s media. Don’t be that guy…

  2. Jerry says

    Adam has a gay brother and he’s been publicly vocally gay friendly. I don’t know what you bitter queens want, but you’re exactly the kind of homos I avoid.

  3. erick70115 says

    The bitchy posts about one of our allies (with a gay brother no less) only reminds me once again that just being gay doesn’t mean you’re graced with class.

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