1. Gigi says

    Reporter: “Is it fair to describe you as a hypocrite and a liar?”

    Haggard: “Yes. Yes it is.”

    But then he just blamed it all on satin (sp. was on purpose) and all was forgiven. By his wife and family at least.

  2. Petes says

    Paul Babeu is and was not anti-gay. Sure, he was a classic closet case, but not really anti-gay. Or are you now anti-gay if you don’t believe the entire country should be handed over to illegal immigrants?

  3. Gigi says


    Dan Savage said it better than I could ever hope to: ‘…a man who goes to CPAC and insists that he’s the only “real conservative” in his race, a man who IDs himself on his campaign website as a “true conservative,” is going to be presumed to be straight by the kind of assholes who attend CPAC and by the kind of assholes who vote in GOP primaries. But the assumptions don’t end there. In this political climate, with “conservative” now synonymous with political homophobia, a man who claims to be a “true conservative” doesn’t just default straight. He defaults bigoted. Conservative voters will assume he holds anti-gay political beliefs and they will expect him to vote anti-gay should he be elected to office. So Sheriff Babeu stood to benefit politically—and may have actively sought to benefit politically—from the assumption that he was 1. straight and 2. anti-gay.’

  4. Lars says

    What’s with the awful, overly dramatic background music??

    And yeah, to whomever put this video together: stop confusing being gay with being a pedophile. Are you a Right-wing mole?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “I don’t like this calling all these guys gay. Several of them are pedophiles. All are creeps.”

    Thank you, PAUL R. It seems we all have different definitions of what is Gay.

    Is Gay just having homosexual sex?

    For me “Gay” is your self acknowledged identity. Gay is your social connections…PUBLIC social connections–not secret. Gay is the memory of who your friends are/were and how you supported each other. Gay is having mourned through the 1980s and 90s–mourning for those who were only in their 20s and 30s when they went away.

    And most of all, Gay is tolerance for those who are “different”.

    But this blog has taught me that we all have different definitions of Gay. We’re diverse. And we don’t always like each other…I guess, like every other race/nationality/social group.

    I don’t want to be associated with those men in this video.

  6. Petes says

    Gigi —

    This is the whole problem with America today. If you’re a particular race/gender/sexual orientation then you must believe in a fixed set of political ideas. Straight/white/male -> believe everything they say on Fox News. Gay/non-white/female -> believe everything they say on MSNBC. No room for individual thought or reasoning. Please do go after the Ted Haggards and George Rekers of this world, but that’s no reason to put your brain into park and use the same tactics as Fox News.

  7. says

    I don’t object to including GAY pedophiles. You can be both. Is it really immaterial entirely that these anti-gay people were later found to be into sex with male children? No, it comments on their mindset in being so anti-gay verbally.

  8. Tom in Long Beach says

    Very Entertaining! I think the main thing to the video is most of these were not only closeted but hypocritical for reasons of political / financial gain.
    They used the power of prejudice to thicken their own wallets. Then they engage in sometimes dangerous high risk behaviors, while vilifying those of us that are open about our sexuality. Especially those of us that want to be in a committed relationship.

  9. David in NYC says

    I mean these guys are AWFUL. But it also serves as a reminder that I could legit NEVER run for public office… god knows how many pics since college I’ve posted and sent in the name of a poss hookup. Sigh.

  10. Fahd says

    They think they can fool all of the people all of the time.

    Sociopaths who have psychologically set themselves apart and have no authentic connection to their fellow man can perpetrate this kind of extraordinary hypocrisy.

    There is no effective treatment for this variety of mental illness.

    Let’s work hard not to raise children that will turn out this way.

  11. Caliban says

    It’s the hypocrisy that’s the real issue. Who knows how these men “identify”? And does it really matter? Unless they have Multiple Personality Disorder they d@mn well knew that they were exploiting anti-gay rhetoric and promoting homophobic legislation either to advance their careers or as a cover for their own activities. And at the same time they were doing it they also knew they were getting their knobs polished by other men, were seeking it out and many were using “gay” identified social media to do it.

    In the larger sense “gay” is just a synonym for homosexual, not indicating a deep desire to join a men’s chorus or a fondness for certain female singers. There are men who have never been to or were comfortable in a gay bar but they’re still gay, even identify as such. It takes a lawyer-like parsing of words for someone who consistently seeks out men for sex, who may even be in a relationship with another man, to insist they’re not “gay.” It requires self-deception at the very least and likely self-loathing, which is why they can target other gays and still look at themselves in the mirror.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “In the larger sense “gay” is just a synonym for homosexual, not indicating a deep desire to join a men’s chorus or a fondness for certain female singers.”

    Yes, CALIBAN, that’s true (very sad sigh).

  13. says

    Well, as my mum would say, “They’re not man enough to be gay.”

    Just resentful reluctant homosexuals.

    I’m adding Lindsey Graham. We all know about Aaron Schock, that aryan eunuch. Blechhh.


    Yeah. “I’m not gay, I just thinking about sucking d**k 24/7. But that’s not gay. You’re only gay if you got excited when you heard that Barbra Streisand was going to sing at the Oscars…”

    I guess the longer you stay in the Closet the more you convince yourself of all sorts of nonsense 😉

  14. Betty Treacle says

    Well… their brains don’t work properly I wish I had a kinder personality so I could pity them for it. But they all benefited hugely from their homophobia and engaged in cowardice and hypocrisy, and helped make plenty of other people miserable. So all I can do is jeer and celebrate their downfall and exposure.

  15. Belthazar says

    @Tom: “…main thing to the video is most of these were not only closeted but hypocritical for reasons of political / financial gain. They used the power of prejudice to thicken their own wallets.”

    That’s hitting the nail on the head — my exact thoughts!

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    “Seriously… Being gay means you are attracted to members of your own sex. Nothing more.”

    Yep, and the “Nothing more” is as accurate as hell nowadays.

  17. Billy Crytical says

    Gay people will never get that these guys were living heterosexual lives or a heterosexual facade which includes anti-gay bigotry. Instead, gay people will say it’s because they are gay that they have anti-gay views.

  18. johnny says

    If I had 10 dollars for the number of men I’ve met who are married with children yet readily self-identify as gay, I’d be able to buy a very nice living room suite and a luxury cashmere Pashmina.

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