1. says

    Days ago they acted as though there was sufficient evidence to suspect that he would try to commit suicide. I believe it was rather because he assumed he was screwed, caught red-handed — not from any sense of guilt.

    Sounds like he and his defense lawyers have concocted a story good enough to get him out on bail, so stands to reason it might be good enough to get him off altogether. I don’t think they’ll have to worry about suicide anymore.

  2. TheGay says

    Well, I wasn’t at the hearings, and neither were any of you.

    This is a great media story though. Given that, I’ll reserve judgement. I wonder how many people who’ve made up their minds already will admit they were wrong, should it be proven in a court of law that what he claims is true ?

    Particularly if the evidence the prosecution claims it has turns out to be fraudulent or contrived.

  3. Martin says

    @ TheGay
    You are hardly a source qualified to speak on being objective. Your entire posting history on this site suggests bigotry, ignorance and homophobia. Sit down.

  4. iban4yesu says


    “Your entire posting history on this site suggests bigotry, ignorance and homophobia.”

    And what makes you a reliable source yourself for that kind of summing up? Why don’t you take your personal vendetta to somewhere else?

    The prosecution claimed testosterone and needles in P:s bedroom and subsequently lost the evidences or something. And the testosterone turned out to be herbal supplements, according to the defense. And that head of the prosecution, I mean, the investigation team, himself is now facing a manslaughter charge from the past and had to be replaced.

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