1. GB says

    He has no clue how history will view him. The gay equality movement seems to believe it has “wed” history as well.

  2. Howard says

    It’s amazing and thrilling how quickly things are changing in the world. I never thought I would live to see the day when gay couples would get married in such a public way and be so accepted.

  3. Mary says

    This is a good sign. Although these marriages are not legal in Indiana, the fact that a mayor is simulating them shows how things have changed in that state. I always say that when states like Indiana and Missouri legalize gay marriage, either by public referendum or legislative action, the game is over. The tide can’t be help back just by the South, Utah, and Idaho.

    And why do same-sex couples look so good when the marry? You’d think I’d find it strange looking or embarassing considering the years I spend opposing SSM. It took me all of a few months to get used to seeing gay marriages and responding with the “awww, don’t they look nice together” that most people reserve for straight marriages. The only problem now is how I’ll ever get to attend a gay wedding in person since I have no gay friends or co-workers. Is anyone from Towleroad getting married and in need of wedding reception guests?

  4. Silhugh says

    Beautiful, poignant, touching…. And pretty damn incredible! Thank you Indiana. This post made my weekend.
    Here’s to hoping we see more positivity in this year much like the above.

  5. Zambanini4Equality says

    I’m a Bloomingtonian, and am so proud to have been there and witnessed and been part of this important part of Bloomington’s long and proud LGBT history. Bloomington,is the home of the Kinsey Sex Research Institute and was one of the first cities in the US – i think #7 – to pass a Gay Rights amendment to our Human Rights Ordinance way back on Dec. 5, 1975 (i was there for that too!). In wake of Anita Bryant, sometime after 1978, It was later struck down by the state as unconstitutional and then repassed in 1993. I am so proud of Mayor Kruzan and all the City and County Council members and interfaith clergy who took part. I LOVE my progressive city!!! :)

  6. Gregg says

    Attending IU as an undergrad was what helped me realize I was gay at 19 and accept it…in 1968! And the town just keeps leading the way! What a marvelous island of progressiveness in that state.

  7. Buckie says

    And look at all the religious people turning out in support.

    Maybe it’s time to go back to church ?

  8. UFFDA says

    Mary, what do you mean you don’t know any gay people, you’ve got lots of friends on Towleroad. Someone’s sure to let you know when and where they are getting married and then you deserve to go – just for changing your mind and putting up with KIWI for one and two. Best wishes for being a faithful participant here and an always sane voice.

  9. Mary says

    Uffda, thanks for your support. But I doubt anyone on Towleroad would invite me to their wedding, especially since so many people seem to think I’m an alias of Rick-Jason-Ratbastard, etc…. As for having friends on Towleroad, only you and Nullnaught seem to view me as a friend. Ernie seems to have some respect for me now, but I’m not sure he’d think of me as a friend, even an internet-friend. And what has happened to you and Null is that people are now accusing each of you of being me because you both defend me. Anyway, thanks for the vote of confidence.