1. Eric says

    He’s 51. Many people that age, including myself, evaluate their health and make changes. Especially if you don’t remember ever being without a few pounds, you get to the point where you want to see how you look without those pounds before it’s too late.

    Looking at these images and the video, he looks VERY good for 51, especially for someone with a history of drug abuse and fast living.

    I think we should take him at his word that he just took control of his life.

  2. Tommy says

    Taking someone at their word is a good idea, unless you are dealing with Boy George. And then it is just stupid. He always misleads people and is up to some crazy stuff. He can’t be trusted.
    Yes, he lost weight but he still looks horrible. What is that fuzz on his face and that awful hat on his head?

  3. Eric says


    Male humans normally grow hair on their face, that is the fuzz on his face.

    The hat is not part of his body, so I don’t see your point.

  4. Billy Crytical says

    Let’s hope he doesn’t blow up again. For some reason people today have trouble controlling their weight.

  5. theo says

    George has been eating raw & healthy for a couple of years now so it’s kinda surprising that he suddenly lost all this weight. I do hope he is well.

  6. Chicklets says

    George looks wonderful. He quit smoking and drinking sometime ago. Good for him. Looks fantastic for 51!

  7. Icebloo says

    He has a great voice but his immature, reckless and selfish behavior have damaged the reputation of gay people. He needs to grow up.

    Also – is he STILL hiding his bald head under these silly hats ? Seriously ?

  8. theo says

    @ICEBLOO — “have damaged the reputation of gay people” I don’t judge all people of different segments of society on the behavior of one person. Some in the gay community need to stop thinking all gay people have to be perfect (to your specifications) to be respected. BTW George has been sober & out of any kind of trouble for a few years now.

  9. says

    there we go again, attacking our own…

    i, for one, love george and i am so proud of his progress! the weight loss isn’t “sudden” or “dramatic.”

    if you’ve been following him on twitter, as i have, you can see the effects that living health has had on him.

    cheers to BG!

  10. Tommy says

    Just because I”m gay doesn’t mean I have to like every other gay person. Everyone is an individual, I”m free to like them or not like them based on their personality. So I think I’m free not to like Boy George. Straight people don’t have to like every other straight person. The main reason I don’t respect him is he doesn’t respect other people. His whole persona is demeaning and denigrating other people and being bitchy. I don’t expect someone to be perfect, but I expect them to have some level of humanity, empathy and just basic decency which BG has consistently proven he doesn’t have.
    How do we know he’s really sober? Because he says so? He’s not going to say he’s on drugs is he? I just find his pronouncements on twitter very self serving and all about him. Who knows if they are really true?