British Producer Deported from Uganda After Imprisonment for Staging Gay-Themed Play

Back in September we reported that David Cecil, a British theater producer, had been jailed in Uganda after staging the country's first gay-themed play, The River and the Mountain. Cecil was later granted bail.

CecilHe has now been deported, AFP reports:

"We have confirmation of deportation," High Commission spokesperson Chris Ward told AFP.

"We are quite concerned that he has not had the opportunity for due process under the Ugandan system," he added.

Cecil's partner Florence Kebirungi, who has two children with him, said he was likely "already back in the UK." She said he was taken on Monday evening from the police station where he was being held to the capital's main airport, where he was put on a flight for Britain.

"He called me from the airport, he didn't sound OK," she said, adding that immigration officials told her that Cecil was being deported because he was an "undesirable" person. "It is a big surprise as we did not have a chance to make a legal challenge," she told AFP.


  1. bobbyjoe says

    Those sick, hateful cowards are afraid of the fallout were they to have an actual trial against a British citizen. So they’re deporting him so that won’t happen. They sure have the courage of their convictions when it comes to violently oppressing their own people, but like all bullies, given a fight where they might get in serious trouble with someone (the UK) bigger than they are, they turn chicken.

  2. sean says

    Isn’t being deported from Uganda a GOOD thing?

    If I ever end up in Uganda, I hope their immigration laws are enforced better than ours and they deport me immediately.

  3. SFshawn says

    re: “Due Process under the Ugandan System”
    It doesn’t exist there.
    Wherever hate,prejudice,intolerance,injustice,death threats dominate the dialog amongst citizens there is no ‘due process’.
    Any country as poor as Uganda with hateful religious zealots running it can’t conceptualize due process since human life appears to hold minimal value for them UNLESS YOUR DEAD.

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