More Shops Announce Boycott Of Anti-Gay Writer’s Comic Book

Earlier this month Andy reported that Zeus Comics and Collectibles has decided to not carry the upcoming DC comic 'Adventures of Superman' comic book due to writer Orson Scott Card's extreme anti-gay views. The Whatever store in San Francisco quickly followed suit as did Maryland's Gorilla King Comics.

Si-ott-comicbook-shoppe-300Now even more stores are joining the boycott. A Canadian store, the Comic Book Shoppe, has announced it will pull all of Card's previous books from their two locations and encourage their customers to boycott the Superman comic when it is published in May.

The CBC interviewed the owner of the store who explained why he felt he needed to take action:

"This is a man who wants to criminalize homosexuality," said Rob Spittall, the owner of The Comic Book Shoppe 2 location on Bank Street, not far from Ottawa's gay village.

"Superman is a very iconic character to a lot of the gay community. He's a character that stands for truth, justice and freedom for all, and to see and learn, like I had, about Orson Scott Card … I was astounded to find out that everything there was true," Spittall said.

He made the decision to make Card's work available by special order because some customers take collecting too seriously to stop because of someone's personal beliefs.

"I'm telling my customers I want to boycott this book. You have the freedom of choice whether you want to buy it or not, but we're saying, please don't," Spittall said.

An online petition demanding DC Comics fire Card is fast approaching 16,000 signatures. Click here to sign it yourself.


  1. Kevin Foster says

    D.C. Comics has stated that reanimating the corpse of Adolph Hitler to write the title was proving to be too time-consuming and expensive so they hired Card as a cost-cutting measure.

  2. TonyJazz says

    I’m proud that my local comics shop has refused to carry his titles.

    This hateful man should just go away and rest on his riches. Civilized society should not have to bear his work….

  3. Moz's says

    as a life long member & advocator of mormonism… should expect wealthy mormons buying truck loads of the comics just to boost sales #s/ PR

    The boycott would work if it was some run of the mill homophobe but the guy is a life long die hard mormon so don’t be surprised to see high sales #s even though crates of them will be sitting unopened in rich mormon basements

  4. ble.d_out.colo.r says

    @Billy and Moz’s

    Please they wont be able to GIVE that sh*t away. This is already a PR disaster for DC and it will be a financial disaster considering no one is willing to sell it. And they’re kinda in a bad position now cuz if they fire OSC then theyll have pissed Mormons/Christofascists shouting about how they’re being “persecuted” by the big bad gays and they will complain about D.C. kowtowing to the “gay lobby” they love to condemn so much. They really shouldn’t have tour he’d OSC with a ten foot pole. Everywhere he goes he takes controversy with him.

    The thing about nerds is they’re generally pretty accepting, cool people. Which is why I have a feeling the Ender’s Game movie will probably run afoul of some misfortune as well as this new Superman reboot.

  5. TomTallis says

    We’re not into comic books, but my husband in in the movie business, so we see everything that comes along. We won’t be seeing this, though, until it comes on cable.

  6. TomTallis says

    We’re not into comic books, but my husband in in the movie business, so we see everything that comes along. We won’t be seeing this, though, until it comes on cable.

  7. TomTallis says

    We’re not into comic books, but my husband in in the movie business, so we see everything that comes along. We won’t be seeing this, though, until it comes on cable.

  8. Caliban says

    Uh, what about the Ender’s Game movie which will be released this year, based on the best known of Card’s books, written before he went full-tilt nutso about gays, and CARD IS ONE OF THE PRODUCERS!!!

    One of the stars is Harrison Ford (just to demonstrate the star power involved) and this is a big budget film, likely to receive a big promotional push. Likely to make Card, thus NOM lots of $$$$$.

  9. Vint says

    No need to buy the thing: the plot has been revealed!

    Superman hies to Kolub in the twinkling of an eye, and then continues onward with his super-speed to fly. He rids the world of homos, and so becomes a god, on his own super-planet, which is quite profoundly odd.

  10. billy Wingartenson says

    Just another example of conservative xtianity . The USA is the most religious nation in the west and was the second to last to end slavery and the only one to need a war to do so.

    Then the right wing xtians came up with the terrorizing Klan. Now they hate gays.

    White trash.

  11. says

    Boycotting only makes the demand greater, and turns people who’re trying to be silenced into martyrs. If they really wanted to hinder this comic, they should have simply stocked it in an undesirable place.

  12. not one penny to OSC or DC says

    “Ender’s Game” is a damaged property at this point. There’s really no getting around the fact that the very creator of and mind behind the property thinks gay people should be jailed for being gay. That’s no small problem.

    I absolutely would not spend a penny to see it — I wouldn’t want to see one penny go to Orson Scott Card.

    Card’s statements are absolutely indefensible. He and anyone feeding him any money should be boycotted, embargoed, and protested the hell out of. This is a matter of basic human decency.

  13. Bill says

    @not one penny to OSC or DC: while you might think that “Harrison Ford and others associated with Ender’s Game need to do the right thing,” don’t forget that people appearing in a film generally have to sign a contract. That contract might prevent them from making disparaging remarks about the film. It’s probably standard – the studios would not want a disgruntled actor to badmouth a film the actor appeared in, so the lawyers would probably insist on such a clause.

  14. Reggie777 says

    Sorry to see Harrison Ford signed on to this. He might be under contract, but I think the stars, especially of his caliber, still can say yes or no to being part of a project. It certainly makes me seriously rethink my respect for Mr. Ford.

  15. Irishguy says

    I know of at least one comic shop here in Dublin, Ireland which is doing the same as the owner of that shop because of Orson Scott Card hateful views, they will order it for those who want it but will not be putting it on the shelves

  16. bobbyjoe says


    Even if Harrison Ford can’t contractually speak out about the film itself, he could simply do something like make a pro-marriage equality PSA. Ford (and really everyone involved with Enders) needs to do something to distance himself from Card’s bigotry or else the future should look at Ford and the filmmakers as being in the same reputation-wrecking league as, say, a star who made a film during the 60s Civil Rights era that put money in the pockets of the KKK.

  17. says

    I am against trying to get this man fired. We’re fighting for ENDAs throughout the country and federally. We would cry foul if one of us got fired for our “radical pro-gay beliefs” why should it be any different for this guy? Don’t like is opinion? Don’t buy his books. If he hasn’t used the Marvel name and spoken on behalf of Marvel in his anti-gay remarks, then he is doing exactly what we’re asking people to do… keep their personal beliefs out of their employment.

    I think we should speak more with our pocketbooks and less with petitions to get people fired.

    How can we expect people to treat us with respect when we’re throwing our weight around trying to get people fired left and right?

  18. Mikey says

    Just kiddin’ guys. Do you remember Jonathan Swifts remedy for the number of starving children in Victorian England? Eat ’em, he said.
    Has anone considered lining up all the anti-gays and giving ’em some suck? That might conveert THEM to gay freedom, once they realize how great gay oral is.

  19. Caliban says

    There is no comparison between Orson Scott Card and those who speak out FOR gay rights. It’s like comparing Governor George Wallace who tried to limit the rights of black people (and turned fire hoses and dogs on equality protesters) and Sidney Poitier or someone else who spoke out against racism. One is trying to limit and TAKE AWAY rights from a group while the other is arguing for freedom and inclusion.

    And Card isn’t just some author who has made a few minor anti-gay statements. The things he has said are TRULY despicable, calling for the criminalization of homosexuality, saying it’s a “choice,” and that all gays were molested and that’s why they (we) are that way, further suggesting that we “recruit” others by molesting children. He is on the BOARD of NOM, the main group opposing marriage equality, represented by the likes of Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown.

    Even more, Card’s homophobia has infected his “art,” such as re-writing Hamlet so that Hamlet’s father was a child molester who turned others gay, one of his victims murdered him, and he’s trying to trick Hamlet into murdering his stepfather so he’ll go to hell and his father can rape him. If Card can do *that* to Shakespeare, what makes you think he’ll have any more respect for Superman?

    So far as Harrison Ford being being in the movie, I really just brought that up to demonstrate the caliber of names attached to the project. I doubt he or the other people involved researched the political history of the book’s author and movie co-producer. Why would you think to do that? So I don’t necessarily blame him for taking part.

    Just like it’s only now that the gay community realized that OSC has been writing for DC Comics for a while- this Supermen gig is just the latest. So is someone “bad” for buying products he’s worked on in the past, unaware of who they were supporting? I’d say no. But now that people ARE being made aware of Card’s involvement in the comics and film AND his politica/religious stance against gays, it DOES matter how they respond.

  20. Caliban says

    Mikey, I have no idea what your comment was, but “free speech” only applied to the GOVERNMENT not being able to stifle you. It has nothing to do with being able to spew whatever sh*t you like in the comments section of a monitored news site/blog.

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