1. BaoPhac Do says

    Why do gay sites keep giving publicity to Ann Coulter and her kind? If a bear farts in a forest, it doesn’t matter if someone is there to hear it and report it.

    It doesn’t matter. Stop reporting useless crap.

  2. Bollux says

    “I want to make divorce a lot more difficult too.”

    The murder rate would skyrocket, you man-faced quim.

  3. Houndentenor says

    There’s nothing new here. She’s just pandering to her far right base. She’s very smart. She knows how to get headlines and those headlines publicize whatever book she’s selling. It’s long past time we stopped being played.

  4. joe says

    It’s great to see her on the defensive on her home turf, at Fox (even though it’s Fox Business). She should see the writing all over the walls, but she doesn’t. Her party is dying — rotting from the inside.

  5. johnny says


    Towleroad should stop running anything having to do with Coulter, thereby cutting off her media stream, at least on this tributary.

    Why is Andy Towle not listening to his readership, or at least giving us his reasoning behind the continued, helpful PR boost he keeps giving these media whores?

  6. joe says

    @JOHNNY – This blog’s point is to generate traffic, thus advertising revenue. As long as people click to view these sorts of articles, comment on them, and discuss them, he’ll keep posting them.

  7. Stefan says

    Coulter will always have an audience because misery loves company.

    At least she was booed. That doesn’t always happen, and it was nice to see. I really wish libertarianism would gain a stronger foothold in our political culture. The time seems right.

  8. Tarc says

    I never understand why anyone gives this wretch a platform to speak, let alone cares even the tiniest bit what she thinks. She’s clearly as dim and she is deranged, and, frankly, evil in pretty much any moral system I’ve ever heard of. She’s the poster child for the phrase ‘waste of oxygen’.

  9. e.c. says

    Anne dear, even conservative or libertarian leaning young people are all growing up with gay friends. So that whole “gays are ruining society” drivel doesn’t fly with them. And if you are so clearly wrong on that point it doesn’t really make them want to buy into the rest of your crap. I know this is all just an act to keep your name out there and sell books, but your audience is going to eventually disappear.

  10. David Hearne says

    Ann Coulter is like anyone else: there is only a slim chance that you will agree with her every position. As others have noted, she is also an entertainer and saleswoman and some of what she says is clearly designed to tweak sensibilities.

    Having said all that, and acknowledging that her position on gay marriage is headupbutt, as a talking head she is one of the better ones. Her facts are usually in order and her grasp of circumstances and dynamics is sharp. This is the woman who told the GOP audience in 2007, “We need to support Chris Christie… because if we don’t Romney will get the nomination and we will lose the White House.”

    Given a choice between Ann Coulter and Lawrence O’DOnnell, Rachel Maddow, Amy Goodman, etc… on the issues Coulter has the intellectual and patriotic edge.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Tarc, I don’t get it either. To think they paid her to sit there and insult that audience, bringing one young woman close to tears, and then she chuckles about it.

  12. says

    @ BAOPHAC DO :

    “When a bear farts in a forest…..”

    ha ha ha , I love it !
    What a great critique of this anorexic bi*ch
    ( with apologies to all decent anorexics).

  13. Gareth says

    I think it’s unfair to call her a ‘waste of human flesh’ since there’s clearly no meat on her. She is, however, a spectacular waste of bone marrow.

  14. David Hearne says

    @ E C

    Both the libertarian male speaker and Coulter were correct: the government should not be involved in marriage and that’s not going to happen.

    Marriage is property law. The purpose of marriage is indeed as many opponents to same sex marriage have said though not in these words: to co-obligate a male and female to the construction of a child rearing family. The counter to that argument is that we don’t require a couple to have children to remain married or even to have the intent of having children which is why there is an equal rights issue for gay people.

    Having said all of that, getting married to your same sex partner is probably not a good economic strategy unless you intend to play house with a stay at home mom and a white picket fence. Having a life and financial partner that is a legal stranger allows you to do some things (like strategic bankruptcy) in ways that married couples can’t get away with.

  15. mike says

    Anne is great…she knows exactly what to say to rile everyone up..she makes headlines…i actually dont believe she really thinks or believes in anything that she says. She is a provocateur. Not a funny or particularly witty one…i mean yes she’s basically a racist bigot as well but these days there is an entire section of the media where you can make a career being one of those. Seriously what else would this awful woman do ? Who would employ the poor thing?

  16. says

    @ MIKE :
    Great question…….what else can she do, other than being an anorexic racist provocateur ?

    I guess she is incapable of doing anything positive or of even holding diown a productive job like the rest of us.

  17. newz4i says

    Coulter, please keep speaking for the GOP. Republicans are tearing themselves apart. Keep up your good work. In other words … THANKS !!

  18. David Hearne says


    “You’re comparing the intellectual abilities of Coulter with Rachel Maddow ?

    Seriously ?

    Absolutely. I used to think that Maddow was sharp, but after awhile it became obvious that she is either a Progressive or playing one on TV.

  19. John Gile says

    She says “Iraq was a magnificent war..” Why on earth to we re-distribute her nonsense. Publicity is all she is after and we keep giving it to her…

  20. David Hearne says

    Why are so many of the comments here juvenile insults about Coulter’s appearance, body, or body parts? Your superiority is not showing.

  21. RyanInWyo says

    “Marriage is the most important institution to civilize young people.”

    Coulter has never been married. By her own reasoning, this explains why she’s so uncivilized.

  22. jamal49 says

    I don’t understand why everyone is in a snit because TR has posted an item about Ann Coulter. She may seem irrelevant and yesterday’s news, but she is still very relevant to our enemies.

    Folks, we’ve won several battles in the last 4-5 years. But we have not won the war by any long shot. This is an ongoing fight and even though Ms. Coulter continues with her over-the-top uber-conservatism, she espouses views that still resonate with millions–repeat, millions–of Americans.

    Go ahead, roll your eyes. But in those incubators of social legislation, the states, the right-wing hold great sway. Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Kentucky, and on and on. I’m sure you all get the idea.

    In those states, a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions over the most intimate aspects of her personal life are being abridged almost daily. In those states, the ideal of marriage equality is scorned and practically unachievable and probably will not occur in those states within our lifetimes, unless the Supreme Court in the near future forthrightly and unequivocally declares that LGBT Americans are full and equal citizens. In those states, there are movements afoot to make divorce as hard to get as it was 100 years ago.

    Yeah, yeah, Ann Coulter is annoying, I get it. Ann has always gone out of her way to be provocative and outrageous. Yes, it garners her headlines. It even helps her sell bundles of her poorly-written, logic-challenged books. And, of course, her fawning fans in GoProud ululate at the sound of her voice or the very mention of her name.

    But, she knows of what she speaks. She is not isolated. She works the conservative circuit, the think tanks, the scholarly forums for current and future conservative thinking.

    None of you like it. I sure as hell don’t like it. I, too, would like to think that her “brand” is fading, soon to be outmoded. But, it is not. Among millions of Americans, Ann speaks what they are thinking and feeling.

    Deal with it. It pays to continue to know who our enemies are and what they are thinking, if not planning legislatively.

    Remember, the war we’ve fought for so long against the still-powerful right-wing in order to achieve LGBT civil equality is NOT over. Not by a long shot, especially if one saw the ersatz “forum” on CNN the other day as to whether or not LGBT rights even qualify as civil rights.

    As a warrior grunt sergeant on an alien planet once said: Stay frosty.

  23. RyanInWyo says

    David Hearne, how long did it take you to realize that Maddow is a progressive? What tipped you off? Was it the fact that she routinely states that she’s a progressive? Sharp!


  24. says

    dear Gay Republicans,

    even your “right-wing Judy garland” hates you 😀

    aint she your buddy? well, this is how little she respects you.


  25. David Hearne says


    “how long did it take you to realize that Maddow is a progressive?”

    Sorry, I meant to say “global warming immigration gun control sarcastic childish reality denying liar”. Progressive just seemed to save some typing.

  26. says

    hey David Hearne! Is today the day you put a face to your comments or is the day you continue to avoid doing so and use your fake aliases to troll? just curious.

  27. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    People like Coulter, Limbaugh, etc are not serious political commenters. They are entertainers. They entertain a minority of Americans who are happy to give them lots of money because clowns like Coulter and Limbaugh make them feel better about their wretched, worthless lives in Two Rivers, Mississippi where they stuff their faces non-stop with Chick-fil-A (deep-fried flour, sugar and butter) and develop type 2 diabetes.

  28. Caliban says

    I have to admit that sometimes the articles on Coulter, Bryan Fisher, Tony Perkins et. al. seem a little like, “Look! Some nitwit has taken a dump! Let me rub your nose in it!”

    Ann Coulter said something homophobic?! Well you could knock me over with a feather! What a shock.

  29. says

    there’s a very specific reason that the Coulter/Limbaugh types are so miserably bitter – for all their money, they’re aware that the thrones they sit on are made of bulls**t and their loyal subjects are society’s unfortunates.

    it’s not impressive being the grand ruler of Plebeland.

  30. MichaelJ says

    One way to deal with Coulter and the like is to ask them questions that they can’t rebut without their stock answers. Instead of asking “Why can’t gays marry like straights are able to?” the question should be “Why can’t gays marry whom they love like straights are able to do?”

  31. anon says

    It’s a tad noteworthy to point out she isn’t married herself.

    They used to have bachelor taxes to encourage marriage, but what’s really made marriage more equivocal is near income parity by women with men and declining birth rates. Poor women suffer the most from declining marriage rates but this has nothing to do with gay rights. This is all about button pushing and trying to take advantage of gay discrimination, not addressing declining marriage rates. Most divorce occurs well into a marriage after the kids have grown up, so by then the ‘civilizing effects’ should have taken place.

  32. jexer says

    I’m stunned.. she said something I agree with. (the bit about why government can’t be removed from marriage: divorces, alimony, custody, etc).

    They really should rebrand themselves. Libertarians are benign anarchists … republicans are facists who want corporations and religions to rule our government instead of our citizens.

  33. Kyle says

    Gay marriage means more people being married, not less. If marriage is so civilizing, why deny it to gay people?

    Why do so many social conservatives think that gay marriage will diminish or usurp straight marriage? Straight people aren’t going to marry someone of the same sex. Gay people aren’t going to marry of opposite sex; but if they do, there are plenty of examples of how consequential that is.

  34. dorishin says

    …and before 1967 Blacks could marry someone Black and so could Whites and Asians…. Really Ann Coulter… I think it’s good to have her warped spewing mouth on Towleroad. It reminds us what mind set we are up against and how sweet the victory will be when we have full federal marriage rights.

  35. Onnyjay says

    Why does anyone pay attention to that hag? Towleroad, you’re aiding and abetting a self-avowed idiot. There must be more important news to cover!

  36. ajax2828 says

    Here’s what I’m tired of: People telling Towleroad what to cover and what not to cover. If you don’t want to read about Ann Coulter (or the AFA, NOM, FRC, etc.), then don’t read the posted story. Many others do, as indicated by the profusion of comments that always follows such stories. Many of us want to know what these loathsome people and organizations say so we can be informed of their arguments, whether their statements, strategies, and tactics change, and how their message is being received. Ann Coulter being booed for making anti-same-sex-marriage remarks before a conservative-minded crowd is indeed news. Stifle your self-righteous outrage and direct it at the bigots who earn it.

  37. Jim in MA says

    I would call her a c*nt but she lacks the depth & warmth of that body part. Anyway, she has many social problems and many people who hate her. She can’t leave her Palm Beach home with out a security guard. It seems by spreading so much hate and ridicule that she is the one to suffer by losing her personal freedom. Let’s hope she loses more and more freedom every time she opens her mouth. Notice that I didn’t comment on her apparent adams apple.

  38. Pig says

    Remember, this is a woman who has never been married and has no children. She’s an old maid and she’s angry about it so she wants everyone else to suffer as well.

    The best thing to do is to quit giving this pig attention and ignore her. She’s nobody.

  39. Bernie says

    unfortunately, Ms. Coulter is not the first wingnut to make the brilliant statement that gays can marry….I believe it was the brain trust of Michelle Bachman…ugh……that statement makes my veins pop and my blood boil because it is so arrogant, stupid and aggravating!!!!!!!!!!

  40. TheGay says

    I do not know who she is.

    There. See how easy that was ?

    Life is quite wonderful without people in it who are just media whores that say things they don’t mean, designed just to make you respond as if you had a uterus.

  41. eb says

    If nothing else, Ann is great at bringing out all the hate in gays. She’s an act, but a very convincing one. Ignore her if you must. She is exposing the fraud of loving and accepting gays — that never existed. Face it.

  42. Shaunie says

    Lmao so she encourages gays to marry the opposite sex? Well when she thinks she’s met Mr. Right, I can only hope he leaves for with a disease and for a man. What a horrid woman.

  43. Mike says

    Why do people have to insult her based on her appearance? This is nothing other than sexism (yes gay men are capable of sexism against women).

    She’s awful because her opinions are awful, not because she’s skeletor/horse-faced/whatever else. As another commenter put it, she’s a waste of human flesh. She is actively making life worse for thousands of other human beings for her own marginal personal gain, and she will die alone and dissatisfied with her hateful life. That is your “consolation,” not her horse-facedness.

    She merits nothing more than indifference. While I’m glad that libertarians, who I do unfortunately often find to be callous, have demonstrated that they have more compassion than her, it actively works against our own goals to insult her for any reason other than this basic lack of empathy and compassion.

  44. billmiller says

    His defense of boy georges war in Iraq is lies begetting lies. Listen when he says ‘well they can,” he sounds just like the wicked witch from Oz. And he really needs to get off his high horse about gay-marriage, which was invented by the republican’ts as a wedge issue. Furthermore, get rid of the bleach hair job!

  45. Rodney Wollam says

    Libertarians are dangerous people. I’d rather have Boehner, Cantor, and their ilk run the country than Libertarians — who believe in basic Darwinism (the complete elimination of the safety net). That means you either suck it up and submit to serfdom or you starve, you go homeless, you die from otherwise easily avoidable ailments. Imagine modern day Somalia.

  46. Jerry6 says

    I was brought up not to say anything negative about someone because their actions will speak louder than anything I could possibly say. On that basis, I will say something good..– “Her actions speak louder than anything I could conjure up.” Nuf said!