1. V-8 says

    funny thing, this could be something he could easily predict, that equality in marriage will happen =-)

    but once again he might be wrong (it might be the courts who decide)…

    JEFFNYC, agree with u, why the community? so a white supremacist community could decide whatever they want then too?

    when something is right, it should be supported by some so all can eventually see it is right…

  2. Blake says

    Haven’t watched the clip, but I hope Piers called him out on this as well. What “community” should a gay soldier get approval from when he can be redeployed around the country (or world) at any time. I live and work in Houston for a company headquartered in Illinois, incorporated in Delaware, and am subject to federal tax/immigration/inheritance/etc. policies – which “community” am I supposed to petition for approval to marry and the associated rights & privileges? All of them?

  3. Houndentenor says

    Why does anyone care what Morris has to say? He’s a political whore and wrong most of the time (he predicted a landslide for Romney LOL). He has no personal or public morals. Why does anyone listen to anything he has to say?

  4. woodroad34 says

    So the courts can’t adjudicate injustices–there’s no sense of recourse, is that right? Then what are they there for? Sounds like someone is shoving straights down OUR throats.

  5. db says

    Who’s throat is marriage being “jammed down”? No one will be forced to be married. And why should “the community” be able to decide who gets to get married. I’d be happy to sit in judgement on many of the heterosexual couples I’ve known whose marriages were disasterous for everyone involved including their innocent children.

  6. gayalltheway says

    I am vehemently against religious organizations getting tax-exemption benefit from the government.
    Why is it being “jammed” down my throat then?

    Another ignorant loser that is heading straight to the dustbin of history.

  7. Straight says

    Straight people shove their marriage business down the throats of gay people, why not be equal and let the gay marriage people shove their business down straights throats?

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