1. rise says

    Ellen received preferential treatment because she’s a woman. If she were a gay guy, no way in the world would she have become as popular with straights.

  2. Hugh says

    @RISE, you base that on what? Her career almost flatlined after she came out on her sitcom. The fact that she’s where she is almost as astonishing as a dark-skinned, wide-nosed, black woman becoming the most powerful female media mogul in the world. Both are a result of knowing who their audiences are and building their brand through them.

    Btw, there are plenty of gay male celebrities who are loved by the general public, esp. in England. But when you go over to the lesbian side, it’s basically Ellen and Rosie, and a few D-List celebrities who are popular with hipsters.

  3. Seattle Mike says

    Works for me. Too bad the one guy didn’t know “caboose” since he has such a great one. :-)

  4. Ryan says

    I feel a little sad that Ellen has to go so far out of her way to sausage her show up, or at least that’s the way it seems. She always has guys flashing her underwear on the show, it’s kind of a running gag, and now this…

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, um, candy… but she should feel welcome and free to do similar stuff with women on her show, and I’ve never seen it.

  5. daws says

    I get kind of a pushy vibe from Ellen. I don’t like it. Everyone says how much they love her but I have a feeling she’s not a blast to be around in real life (control freak). I don’t get the male models or having her male guests strip off clothes either. Normally I don’t complain about half naked men but something about her just bugs me.

  6. Alan says

    This is so sexist. If a male host were doing this with women there’d be cries of outrage from every corner.

    Still – the guys were hot.

  7. andrew says

    Ellen knows that most of the people who watch her show are straight women and gay men. That girl knows how to please her audience. You go girl!!!

  8. Edd says

    The troll’s name is rise, because it’s trying to get a rise out of you by saying obnoxious things. Then it sits back and wait for you to respond.
    Stop responding to it.

  9. Ryan says

    I’m pretty sure his name used to be Jason, then he changed it to Rise to throw everyone off his scent. Except he continued posting the exact same load of bollocks as before, so he’s not fooling anyone.

  10. Thurts says

    Julian does not have to be smart since he is pretty. Also, Ryan the answer to what country am I going to if I am going down under, is West Hollywood. All of them are hot and thanks Ellen!!!

  11. ***** says

    The question about the last car of a train was a bit unfair to a young contestant. For anyone under 25, the last car of a train has been a train car with a red light facing rearward. Trains have not had a caboose for at least two decades.

  12. Bob says

    Ellen seems to genuinely like well built men showing off — after all, don’t many Gay guys like to look at tits?
    As for a popular TV Gay male personality, Anderson is thankfully giving up his stupid talk show, but Merv Griffin had a show for years, and created Jeopardy and Wheel. Raymond Burr was Perry Mason and Ironside, but of course, folks were not out back then.

  13. Huxtabull says

    Towleroad readers never seem to be happy…from what I’ve been seeing, like 60% of the comments on this site are negative.

    Nobody likes a negative nancy.

    If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    Stop the b***h fest.

  14. jamal49 says

    @Huxtabull, if you’re new here, then, yes, there are a LOT of cranky, b!tchy queens posting. Disgruntled group if there ever was one. Never ever happy about anything. Their lives must be tres miserable.

  15. Deval says

    what’s with these hairless chests? Keep the fur on your torsos, boys. That old guy is actually sexier than all you young rubber boy dolls.

  16. Joseph Singer says

    All great and I see why Mike won. However, he needs to visit some place where he can get a spray tan. He’s a major white guy.