1. Rees Cramer says

    I think it is so important that she mentions the race issue. It has shaped the way I feel and how I approach homophobia, I am so much stronger for being aware of the civil right struggle of African American’s.

  2. Gr8guyca says

    Being knocked down a peg can frequently make someone a better person, despite how painful it might be.

    For myself, I had a great professional career early on – colleagues called it “meteoric” – then I had some emotional problems that killed my professional life. It was devastating. But I look back and see that I was a self-centered, arrogant guy.

    I am now much more empathetic of others and, I hope, a nicer person. As basic as it sounds, I truly try to treat others as I would like to be treated. So, as usual, by being honest, Ellen has touched people in a very intimate way.

  3. bill jay says

    I am a little too pressed for time to watch the interview, but I wonder if the magazine Ellen referred to was “Spy” (which, according to Wikipedia, ended in 1998). An issue of the magazine that must have been some time between Ellen’s coming out in April 1997, and Princess Di’s death in August 1997, had the phrase “Di, Ellen” on the cover. It was a pun, but basically said, “Die, Ellen.”

    I’d like to return the sentiment back to the people at “Spy.”

    In contrast to the vile folks at “Spy,” Ellen is a national/international treasure.

  4. GB says

    Without Ellen we wouldn’t have had so many safe, light and superficial interviews with so many celebrities. She’s played softball with the best. It’s great how you learn less than you knew before they were guests. Ellen starting out was the best. Very brave before Cover Girl.

  5. betsy says

    Ellen is such an amazing soul! I definitely agree with her that her honesty about herself really paved the way for her to become the person she is today. Her genuine spirit can be seen every single day while watching her talk show, and that is why I make a point to never miss an episode! Even when I get sidetracked in my office at DISH and end up staying later than intended, I still manage to watch it live on the bus ride to my house. I’m just lucky that I’m able to access my TV channels like this even when I’m not home with DISH Anywhere. This handy app allows my phone to connect to my Hopper DVR’s live and recorded TV content, which automatically turns any place I’m at into my living room! It’s the only way a busy lady like me can stay up to date on all my favorite shows, like Ellen!

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