Frank Ocean Has Recorded 11 Songs for His Next Album

Frank Ocean is far into his follow-up to Channel Orange, MTV News reports:

OceanSpeaking to BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe on Tuesday, Ocean said he's "Like 10,11 songs into this next thing. It's another cohesive thing bordering on a concept record again." The usually soft-spoken, reticent Ocean was in good spirits, laughing along with Lowe and saying his Grammy wins were "quite the rollercoaster … I was pretty stoked," admitting that he would have "screamed in my highest note" if his name had been called for Record of the Year, which was presented to Gotye by their mutual idol, Prince.

Ocean explained that the new, as-yet-untitled disc might take off from a moment at the end of Orange. "There's 'Golden Girl' and it's this beach scene and I kind of want to extend that feeling into the next record," he said. "I'm going to Bora Bora when I get back … I put a studio in my house, but it's all in road cases. I'm going to take it all to Bora Bora and work for a few weeks."


  1. FakeOutrage says

    “screamed in my highest note?”…um, somebody is really started to let their hair down….stay tuned

  2. kode says

    Electro and industrial music mag Side-line reported that Ocean recorded track with Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore:

    “American hip hop singer-songwriter Frank Ocean has recorded a track together with Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore and The Knife producer and Delta Machine collaborator Christoffer Berg. Ocean ended up in the band’s studio when they were recording and filming some live studio sessions in New York.

    The track is said to be part of Ocean’s new record. According to Dave Gahan in the same EW interview “Martin did some electronics and some modular synthesizer stuff he really wanted.””