Gay Obama Fundraiser Rufus Gifford to be Denmark Ambassador?

The WaPo's Al Kamen reports that Rufus Gifford, former Democratic National Committee finance chair and Obama’s 2012 campaign fundraising chief, is at the top of the list to be ambassador to Denmark:

GiffordThe longtime Democratic fundraiser and activist in the gay community would be the second openly gay ambassador named to a NATO ally. The first, James Hormel, served in the latter part of President Bill Clinton’s second term as ambassador to Luxembourg.

Gifford’s ex-partner Jeremy Bernard — also a formidable fundraiser and major Democratic pol — is the first man and the first openly gay person to be White House social secretary. Gifford and Bernard, who remain good friends, had been called one of Washington’s top “power couples.”

Obama fundraiser LAurie Susan Fulton left the position earlier this month.


  1. MikeBoston says

    Rufus is a great guy – so congratulations on the still-rumoured nom.

    I wonder if his bf Steven will go with him?

  2. says

    Denmark, by some measure the best cultural specimen of Western secular, liberal and enlightened democracy. To be ambassador to such a philosophically advanced nation is now THE plum consular assignment, not homophobic France anymore.

  3. andrew says

    Does he speak Danish? Does he know anything about Danish history and culture? Or does he have the most traditional of qualifications to become an American Ambassadvor? MONEY?

  4. DeeperStill says

    We loved Laurie S. Fulton here in Denmark. She was beyond sweet. The former Ambassador, James Cain (and his family), was very well liked as well. If Rufus Gifford is the new Ambassador, I’m sure he’ll have a great time.

  5. Paul Jones says

    Rufus, We are so out of the loop. Congratulations on being appointed as Ambassador to Denmark. And also great going with the campaign — belated but most sincere.
    As in the past our home in Philly is yours and you are only steps away from your $1 million campaign donor. Love Paul and Clarion