1. Gary says

    This was just another Monday until I watched this video. Man, perhaps one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It truly was perfect!

  2. says

    I usually avoid watching these because they’re so bitter-sweet for me (I live in a country where I am not allowed to get married) and, sure enough, after watching this video, I am crying. I am very happy for this couple, though.

  3. UFFDA says

    STINGO – hang in there sweet one. You’re day is coming. Hasten it, if you can, by immigrating. Your happiness for this good couple is, in its way, a ticket to your own. It can happen for you as well.

  4. David says

    Words cannot express how beautiful that was. I was a lucky man being able to marry my Garrett last summer. Many wonderful blessings to these two and their wonderful supportive families.

  5. Adam says

    Perfect “B” is for BOY couple. Cardboard cut out paper dolls are beyond imaginable gay sexuality. Good show.

  6. Gaiboi says

    OMG…I totally can’t believe I watched this at work. I am a hot mess! I cried almost throughout this whole video. They are truly a beautiful couple and I pray that God grants them many blessings. How wonderful to have the love and support of their family and so many friends.

    Love and blessings to you both!

  7. Mary says

    Aww, how cute! Kissing under an umbrella! I like what they wrote also. Best wishes to the newly”weds”!

  8. Aussie54 says

    Awww, tearing up right now. They are amazingly adorable, and the wedding was perfect. So good to see such supportive friends and family.

  9. says

    I hope you both have a wonderful and happy life together, Clinton and Callum.
    You both look so fond of each other and loving towards each other.
    And thank you for sharing your big day; many of us need to see this; many young men need to know your life and your example, we need to know that having a serious committed relationship can be a very beautiful way of living.

  10. says

    Wow…. I am NOT the type to tear up but danggg. That was powerful and genuine and so sweet. I just think seeing same sex couples wed, and knowing what they likely had to go through in their life journey, the struggles and status/societal hardships,to be at that moment and celebrate their love makes same sex marriages that much more special in my book.

  11. Jay says

    What a beautiful video. How lucky are these beautiful young men to have such supportive families and to have found each other. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. says

    I’m just on the floor in a puddle of happy tears. Congratulations guys, you have no idea how happy you’ve made all of us.

  13. SC David says

    I’m enjoying these videos greatly, with tissues at hand, but there’s a problem. These handsome Aussies are joined “by the power of their love” to be “partners for life,” and one even remarks he “can’t legally refer” to his partner as his husband. I hate to be a grinch, but…

    Are we just growing verklempt for form over substance? Creating lovely celebrations that make each other cry in joy seems like a very gay thing to do, but it also seems like half a loaf when those ariatic bits of theater mean nothing outside of ourselves. How much significance did this have within their home country?

  14. Caliban says

    @SC David, I know what you mean, I think, but I disagree. No, this wedding isn’t a legal event in Australia and it won’t gain them any legal rights or responsibilities.

    That’s a shame and it’s unfair, but that by no means renders the event useless, the vows meaningless. They celebrated their union, a public statement of love and devotion, in front of their friends and family. That is what marriage really IS, a joining of two people. That doesn’t change whether or not a church or government recognizes it, at its heart it’s a personal, public declaration.

    So congratulations to Callum and Clinton and may they soon marry in the legal sense to match the real union they celebrated here. And how great is it that one of the dads was dancing with his new son-in-law?!

  15. Bill says

    @SC David: Regarding your question, “Are we just growing verklempt for form over substance?” … Aside from the video making it obvious as to how ridiculous it is for the government to not recognize their marriage, they got the ceremony taken care of while still as young as a typical straight couple that gets married. When the state finally catches up, they can get a license and get the paperwork signed.

  16. UFFDA says

    This video is a powerful voice of the people and that’s the way it is both relevant and entirely authentic sans any governmental imprimature. When that validating stamp comes from the nation of Australia itself they can marry again more officially. In the meantime they have done it anyway as the shining drops that fly before the wave. Congratulations sweethearts, proceed on the path for two.

  17. SC David says

    @Caliban and Bill–

    Thanks for your responses. I think what gets to me is that as beautiful as the ceremony was, and as obviously meaningful as the day was to Callum and Clinton and their families, it is just so absurd that their relationship is invisible to the powers that be. When I consider some of the straight weddings that I saw last year, and how frivolous the vows and couples were, it creates cognitive dissonance for me when such obviously sincere couples as Callum and Clinton do not exist in the law’s view. While I am joyful for them in their moment of bliss, I am also angered and consider it a motivator to fight for better marriage recognition here and in their home.

  18. EJ says

    Videos like these does not usually affect me but this one was a tearjerker for me. The speech they made towards the end really hit close to home. Hopefully I am lucky enough to find someone like those two.

  19. Yeek says

    Very, very beautiful. I am always cautious at beautiful ceremonies like this, because sometimes all the effort is put into the wedding, and not enough into the marriage. Good luck boys. It takes WORK.

  20. jamesholdip says

    These wedding videos may all be very lovely and ‘heartening’, but are there none that are as beautiful and wonderful and happy and complete, etc, where one of the male partners is in a dress.
    Or are none of them allowed to get married or featured on towleroad or anywhere else?

  21. Hawthorne says

    Andy – Thank you for posting this and giving their video exposure. It is a stunning work, and I have tears on my cheeks as I write this. Thank you for sharing a video that tells the world, yes, indeed, love conquers all. And to Clinton and Callum, thank you for sharing your love with us. I am very, very happy to have seen your special day, and wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

  22. jamal49 says

    In the end, love shall conquer all. May these two very kind, sweet and loving gentlemen have 1,000 x 1,000 years of happiness together.