GLAAD to Honor Anderson Cooper with its Vito Russo Award

GLAAD is honoring Anderson Cooper with its Vito Russo Award at its Media Awards in New York on March 16, it announced today:

A_cooperAnderson Cooper has long been an advocate for the LGBT community. His wide range of subjects includes the bullying of LGBT youth, families supporting their transgender children, and the dangers of the so-called "ex-gay conversion therapy." For his coverage of issues relevant to the LGBT community, Anderson Cooper has received seven GLAAD Media Award nominations, and has been awarded the trophy three times.

"By sharing his own experiences as a gay man, Anderson has reminded millions of Americans that LGBT people are part of their everyday lives and an integral part of our cultural fabric," said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. "He continues to raise the bar and set a new standard for journalists everywhere, and I'm proud to call him a friend."

The award honors an out LGBT person who has made a significant difference in promoting equality.


  1. Ed P. says

    @Mozs: I disagree with you. Anderson Cooper is in the public eye, whereas GLAAD people are only seen by other gay people. I know old ladies who were fascinated with Anderson Cooper on the news before he came out. After he did come out, many of them softened their attitudes about gay people because they admired Anderson so much. Think about it.

  2. DK says

    I like AC, like his journalism, his mom and his hair, but truthfully a 13 kid coming out in middle school has more courage than the man who’s fantastically wealthy, the top of his career and took 44 years to come out publicly…that 13 kid deserves an award from GLADD a lot more than he does…

  3. Icebloo says

    I agree with some of the comments above – if this is the best person we can find to give an award to then we need to skip the award this year and use the money in a better way.

    Anderson was about to be outed so he came out.
    He was in his mid 40’s. What message does that send to gay youngsters and everybody else ?

    Anderson is from one of the richest families in the WORLD – not the US, but the whole WORLD.

    He has ABSOLUTELY NO RISK attached to coming out. If CNN fired him for being gay (which they would never do) he has the money to buy the whole company anyway.
    If people with no risk to coming out don’t have the balls to come out then what message does that send ?

    He has all this money yet he still craves media attention so he pretended he was straight so he could build up a career to satisfy his attention seeking hunger. He chose to turn his back on gay people because he was happy to sit there and be in the spotlight and soak up all that attention all for himself. He could have done so much good coming out earlier but Anderson is SELFISH and a COWARD.

    The only award Anderson should be getting is “Most self-centerd & cowardly gay person on TV.”

  4. Warm-blooded says

    Some of the above comments are sadly reflective of the bitter, judgmental mindset of some (hopefully, not many) in the gay community.

    We are all entitled to evolve in our own time and in our own way. This should not be denied to anyone.

    Yes, Mr. Cooper is fabulously wealthy. He could live a life of luxury and be waited on hand and foot; Yet, he maintains a respectable career. I give him credit for that.

  5. Moz's says

    ED P

    I see your point and knowing my own silver haired grandmothers love of anderson (joke with her calling him her boyfriend) and that his best demographics/ watcher #s are little old ladys…..yes his finally coming out did help a ton with the perception of elderly females about homosexuality

  6. says

    curious – to those still choosing to criticize Cooper, how prepared are you to put your own face out their, for the entire public of the world to see, as a gay person?

    just curious.

    yes, it’s my tired old schtick. but i do have a point. 😉

    if you cannot yet put your face out there as GAY the way that Cooper is – meaning every person in the world with computer access can see it and know it, then who are you to criticize him?

    *elegant curtsy*

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