1. Rich F. says

    Gruenhagen is a bloody idiot, but it’s clear that “The Uptake” has no idea what it’s talking about, either. Their definition of epigenetics is COMPLETELY wrong.

  2. David says

    Why is a genetic connection required for equal rights? There is no Christian gene and we still protect their rights.

  3. Kyle says

    1) Mapping the genome doesn’t tell you what every gene is for.

    2) There’s more to biological development than genes. There are hormones, epigenes, and a host of other intricate chemical processes.

    3) Immutable traits can be acquired experientially.

    4) Epigenes don’t trigger “hormone production”. They affect how genes are expressed, which could do almost anything.

  4. AggieCowboy says

    Oh, well…Gruenhagen has spoken. We know everything there is to know about the human genome. Case closed. Nothing further needs studying. So sayeth the all-knowing Insurance Salesman.

  5. Stephen says

    Not only listening to, but just LOOKING at these people you can tell that they have some very deep, deep ,deep dark issues. Not being mean…..but issues like possibly being sexually assaulted as a child. Sometimes I feel sorry for the likes of them.

  6. dekkoparsnip says

    But he’s not a heterosexual. By saying that it’s not “an immutable characteristic” and implying that sexual orientation is a choice, he’s admitted to his own bisexuality, and should be referred to as “Openly bisexual State Rep Gregg Gruenhagen” from now on. Props to his newfound honesty!

  7. Matt says

    We need to move on from “born this way.” There are good intentions behind it but it’s a dead end and is not true.

    It’s far less dangerous, however, than the absurd idea that “straight” people exist as something more than just a cultural group.

  8. EchtKultig says

    Yes, Stephen, I’ve previously posted my theory that most professional homophobes are either closet cases (the majority) or were “touched by a non-angel” as a child! And stupidly equate that with homosexuality. A small remaining % are full on sociopaths, who, like Hitler, just need to find someone – preferably a lot of someones – to hate. And for whom gays seem like an easy scapegoat.

  9. EchtKultig says

    Matt, in what way is it not true? Please explain. 90% of gay men I know believe they were born that way. Please read to us from the memo we missed. When I was picked out a shirt to wear to my first day of 3rd grade, did I inadvertently pick out a sexuality? Did my parents sprinkle me with fairy dust because that wanted one gay son?

    Or am I “making a choice” not to marry a beard and hold my nose while f–king her? Please, explain to me these life choices I’ve somehow managed to overlook.

    Not “true for you” doesn’t mean that holds for the rest of us. So don’t speak for us. I do think in a VERY limited # of cases, the right wing fascist’s view that we _were_ “touched by a non-angel” and enjoyed it probably is true. Not for me. No abuse story here.

  10. simon says

    He doesn’t know what he is talking about. The human genome map is complete but scientists still don’t know in general which gene is connected to which characteristic of a human being. There were a few genes here and there which were known to be connected to certain disease like cystic fibrosis. There are still a lot to be done.

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    @ Simon: The “no gay gene” argument is based on the prejudice that homosexuality is a disorder while heterosexuality is healthy. The fact that neither a gay gene nor a straight gene have been found says, quite simply, that sexual orientation is a highly complex event. The complexity results in the majority being straight, with some kinks, and a minority being homosexual. There’s some “bleed through” in both directions and we sometimes call those individuals “bisexual.” To answer your question directly: there is nothing wrong with heterosexuality or with homosexuality, they are simply more or less common expressions of sexuality. They endure because, somehow, the species benefits from them.

  12. Andy G. says

    Glenn’s phone number is 651-296-4229. You can call him up like I just did and demand a personal apology. I just think I happen to know a thing or two more about the truth of my life than does some partisan political hack half a country away who I’ve never met.

  13. says

    it’s amazing how Republicans dont’ give a damn, at all, about young gay people committing suicide.

    This man has blood on his hands. Typical GOP scum.

  14. says

    This is stupid. Regardless of whether we are born this way(which I believe) or not, doesn’t change the fact that we should be able to live our lives as we see fit. No one is born a Christian or with a christian gene yet there are hundreds of laws protecting their right to be a christian. Religious choices are protected by law but sexuality, which many do believe to be immutable characteristics like skin color ,is not. That makes no sense.

  15. CPT_Doom says

    So, according to this freak, left-handed people are not “born that way.” Apparently I also chose to have prematurely gray hair (began when I was 14), because they haven’t found a gene for that either.

  16. jamal49 says

    Mr. Gruenhagen, I’ll take a LIE detector test and answer the truth: I was born this way. I have no memory of ever feeling different, or thinking different, or acting different than has not been true to my self. I am gay. Always have been and always will be. I tried everything, lost years of good living in the process, to try and not be gay. I even tried Jesus about four or five different way. Nothing could change me. Nothing will ever change me. I am gay. I would also like to shove your teeth so far down your throat that you would have to sit on your dinner plate to chew your next meal.

  17. says

    I have a question… Say Gay people were not born gay. They made a choice to have sex with the same gender. Wouldn’t that be a basic human right anyway? So if you believe that no gay gene exists. Shouldn’t everyone have the Right to choose who they have sex with? Without others butting into our choices. Hypothetically of course.

  18. stranded says

    Politicians who insist that they don’t stuff dead weasels up their ass are lying. It’s just that simple. I know because science says so.

  19. vwdavy says

    !four decades of hair dye and Brylecreem saturation have finally really done their damage inside his thick skulled head.
    and you outstaters thought that our Crazy Shelly had all of the whackiness in this state wrapped up in her congressional district.

  20. Bernie says

    another Republican “brain trust” trying to quote science and twisting it to fit his own narrow and delusional definition….if you look at his non-verbal expressions he really looks like he is crazy

  21. Robert M. says

    Minnesota State Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, Sir, you are an effing moron. I’ve been gay all of my life. I didn’t choose anything, it’s just the way I am. You never chose to be straight (although you clearly chose to be a low information brainwashed christian). Before you make such stupid statements, try getting an objective education on this subject, any subject, before you flap your lips and make an ass out of yourself…

  22. walter says

    i always thought Minnesota was the land of 10000 lakes but after this idiot and bachmann it is more likely the land of 10000 idiots. this clown and michele must have gone to the same christian mailorder college.

  23. Vint says

    Too much stupid here to completely address but:

    “Skin color is immutable”???

    Guess he doesn’t get out to the beach much.