1. Bill says

    My guess: in a few years, the Republicans will try to take credit for making same-sex marriage possible, attributing it to their “strongly held conservative principles” (TM).

    It would be like someone saying with a straight face that Hitler ended the persecution of Jews (without mentioning that the way he “ended” it was by pointing a gun to his head and simultaneously pulling the trigger and chomping on a cyanide capsule just in case he botched the job). And such a lie is not all that far fetched – historically the last radio announcement from the Nazi regime was that the Fuehrer had died with a gun in his hand, not mentioning which way it was pointed. Spin-meisters are all alike – they cannot stop spinning.

  2. Paul R says

    Sorry, Emma. But if people let someone cut up their faces and choose crappy doctors, it’s just the truth. I’ve had plastic surgery three times (two because of a car accident), and no way would I let anyone cut me up unless I knew they were good at their jobs.

    I also wouldn’t order pizza from a crappy place. When it’s your face, go to someone good.

  3. kpo5 says

    Spot on, Bill.

    It makes my ears bleed to hear the Fox crowd and self-appointed “Party of Lincoln” wail on about how they were the ones that defeated segregation in schools (or gave women the right to vote, or freed the slaves).

    We can never learn from history if we continue to rewrite it.