1. jason says

    Timberlake looks like a dweeb-pixie. Stop promoting him. He’s never done anything for gay rights.

    It’s high time that Andy stopped promoting these music acts who have never done anything for gay rights. For Pete’s effin sake, Andy, we need openly gay and bisexual male artists hitting the charts, not these not-very-gay-friendly types.

  2. Josh says

    How divisive can you be? Sometimes it’s ok to listen to music for music sake. Justin’s a talented artist, and he’s never done anything to stifle your rights. It’s not all about you. Chill out.

  3. jason says

    What was Justin even doing at the Grammys? He wasn’t nominated for anything. His appearance was an exercise in self-promotion.

    Andy Towle seems to promote music acts who have never done anything for gay rights, such as Justin Timberlake.

  4. says

    I want to agree somewhat with Jason re: Timeberlake’s talent (or lack thereof) and his dominance at the Grammys. To have Ellen and Beyounce come out and introduce him, and if you noticed he had purchased up a good 90 seconds of ad time following his performance to promote his album so he’s put together a team of managers/promoters who know the business and how to utilize it. The guy is going all out to re-establish his music career.

    Personally I’ve never considered him anything but mediocre and yes he’s had one or two pop hits but there is no classic-ness about him or his music. There were many in the audience who gave him a shrug. They all know how the music PR game is played and Timerlake has obviously put a top team of managers together. The reality is, many people will believe a celebrity is amazing if they are packaged right. Romney is a fine example. We’ll just have to wait and see if his career and talent have any real legs to stand on.

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