1. Chris says

    I had tears in my eyes when I watched him give this speech live on the House Of Commons website yesterday. Amazing speaker. Amazing man.

    Sarah Wollaston also gave an amazing speech as well.

    There were many terrifyingly homophobic and radically religious speeches given yesterday, but in the end the pro-equality speeches vastly overshadowed that hatred. Not because of their numbers, but because of their sheer beauty.

  2. Cd In DC says

    the whole time that dude was speaking, i kept thinking about that guy who tells TL Jones to cool it in Lincoln, really creepy when that old white guy next to him jumps up and starts leaning over him. glad he’s there, that dude can talk over anybody.

  3. Belthazar says

    And there it is in a nutshell. If only politicians on this side of the pond would take heed.

  4. simon says

    It is interesting he mentioned Jesus who definitely was not a shining example of one man and one woman marriage. He had at least three fathers. The first one, God, was a lie to cover the adultery his mother committed with another man, his second father. Of course Joseph was his stepfather.

  5. jeremyrain says

    Well, we have had millions of people come out and voiced every single arguments to support gays and lesbians. But when reasonable words can still not reach to the brain of some people, then we can only hope that others will listen, and turn their back away from them and toward us.

  6. Jeff says

    Silly Simon! Mary and Joseph weren’t already married when Jesus was conceived so, while she may have been a tart, she didn’t commit adultery! 😉

  7. woodroad34 says

    It’s amazing that simple language is the strongest. People get so wrapped up in language that it loses all meaning until someone starts talking to people like they’re six-year-olds–and isn’t that what bigots really are?

  8. Gigi says

    Even after being interrupted by the Bigoted Old Troll, Mr. Lammy could not be silenced. What a powerful and compelling speech. I just sent him an e-mail thanking him for his speech and his support.

  9. says

    Mr. Lammy just cemented himself as one worthy of being remembered. Years from now, kids will do projects about him in school and quote this in their reports.

    Well met!

  10. gwyneth cornrow says

    So interesting to see a debate about secular equality re-framed as a religious argument.

  11. Geo says

    DAMN! Why isn’t a copy of this speech delivered to cvery member of the House of Representatives here in the U.S. Beautifll and moving speech. Great man.

  12. Peter Hargmier says

    I can sometimes fell down about my country, but this wonderful speech brings to my mind the response of one Winston Churchill when he was told of a royal guardsman being discovered in St. James’ Park in flagrante with another gentleman on a particularly cold winter’s evening;

    Winston: But was it not minus 3 degrees out last night?

    Aid: Yes Sir.

    Winton: Makes you proud to be British!

  13. jason says

    If separate-but-equal is so wrong, why do gay men choose to segregate themselves? The gay scene is a form of segregation.

  14. KsBrian says

    Great speech, it is all truth. The only sad thing about it is that an English politician knows U.S. History better than our own politicians do; especially here in KS.

  15. Peter Hargmier says

    Jason, when you are reviled by society, and living openly means being in constant danger of being harassed, heckled, or even physically attacked, it makes sense to group together in order to feel safe and supported. We did not ostracize ourselves, we were forced into these small concentrated communities by bigots and fascists like you.


  16. Craig says

    “…we allow the barriers to acceptance to stand unchallenged.”

    Frankly the bigots fear acceptance. That’s the last thing they want is for us to be accepted by society as a whole. Bigots don’t want us to be equal and they prefer us to be separate.

  17. gr8guyca says

    The United States’ most important contribution to world culture is
    the idea of freedom and equality.

    It’s too bad that we are lagging behind so many other countries when it come to equal marriage rights. It’s a violation of this nation’s core values.

  18. jason says

    Peter Hargmier,

    Nonsense. It’s all about the sex…and the money. Segregation increases the chance of a sexual pick-up and it creates a cornered market for those who make money off gay people.

  19. andrew says

    Well said Mr Lammy. “Seperate But Equal” is a concept struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court over a half century ago. The great Chief Justice of the U.S. Earl Warren led the court in delivering that unanimous decision.

  20. andrew says

    Folks: don’t let the ignorant comments of guys like Jason distract you from enjoying the beauty and power of Mr Lammy’s words.

  21. Alex says

    Although the MP who interrupts (Stephen Pound if you’re interested!) did vote against gay marriage he is from the same party as David Lammy and I think interrupted at that moment because he was coming up to the time limit for his speech. In Parliament when someone asks a question midway through a speech you get an extra minute to respond, so allowing him to finish his amazing speech :-)

  22. DannyEastVillage says

    Poor Jason–he can think of gay people (probably including himself) only in terms of sex and money. Tragic, really.

  23. Peter Hargmier says


    Why so jaded? I for one am not motivated by sex and money, and I feel truly sorry for you as it seems that you are.

  24. Bob says

    Excellent speech. One thing I am wondering though, why do we never hear religious people whose churches/synagogues/temples etc support gay marriage and want to perform them if legal stand up and say “what about MY religious freedom”?