1. woodroad34 says

    Too bad. She could have upgraded that idiot of a husband’s image. Another stupid Bush move. There’s no end to the sucking black hole that is the Bush Clan.

  2. mikeflower says

    Evan Wolfson caved? I’m saddened that he got spineless after his years of fierceness. perhaps Laura will demand that all unsold copies of her book be returned to the publisher & burned for publishing things she really didn’t mean.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “Maybe they could include something in the ad about how she killed a guy by reckless driving.”

    You know, I forgot all about that, PHIL. Do you think if Gore’s wife or Kerry’s wife had such an incident in their pasts that the Republicans would have left it alone. And people say there’s no real difference between Dems and Repugs.

  4. StillmarriedinCA says

    Why would they include any quote from her anyway? I do not trust the judgement of anyone who chose to marry George W. Bush…and then stay married to him. Same with using a quote from Darth Cheney. I don’t care if he’s on my side, he’s an evil war criminal. If Hitler had said he was for same-sex marriage would they use that quote?

  5. johnny says

    Well, seriously… she can’t be that intelligent. She married that total trainwreck husband, our worst president ever.

    Keep that in mind, folks.

    Another “Oops, I didn’t mean to be in a pro-gay video” relapse. Poor thing, bless her heart.

  6. MikeH says

    Initially I was against pulling the ad, but now I see it as a win/win for the HRC. The ad already made the first impression on most people, so it made the point. Secondly, Laura Bush looks petty and bigoted by asking that she be pulled from the ad. Either she believes in equality or she doesn’t. Actually, I believe she doesn’t really care one way or another. Whatever will sell the most books and get her cronies elected is all that is important.

  7. will says

    I really believe she privately advocates for marriage equality. She showed that in her Larry King interview. It’s too bad that gay sexuality is still political and politicized — and she feels she must not appear to be endorsing what she in fact endorses.

  8. Kieran says

    So basically, it was something she only said to get attention to sell her book. I doubted her integrity when she said it, and now it seems I was right. She can F off.

  9. Francis says

    Definite upgrade made to the advertisement, including Craig Stowell in place the wife of one of the worst ever presidents. I’m glad the ad was changed; Laura Bush shouldn’t be dignified with a spot in such an important ad. And given millions have seen it with her in it, it’s irrelevant. Point has been made.

  10. says

    Well, it’s (the withdrawal) now a top trending news item, so it’s certainly getting attention. For them to apologize for running the ad would be a huge mistake because they knew very well the Republican faces didn’t green-light it, and they have every right–whatever one thinks of the decision–to use public statements by public people in ads.

    Personally, I’d rather not have tepid Laura and the despicable Cheney be the face of marriage equality–have some real advocates step up to the plate–but the push is on to make marriage equality into a civil rights issue with bipartisan support, even if it’s a strained push at this point, and it may pay off (as it did in NH last year) despite a risk of backlash. She’s kind of cornered now.

  11. candide001 says

    Laura’s just doubling down on the horrendous record of the Bush presidency, which will be an embarrassment to their descendants for generations to come.

  12. Darrell says

    I don’t see why the bothered to use her in the first place. She’s the former first lady. Okay, yeah, she’s a Republican, but it’s not as if she’s currently-serving politician or wields any direct political or administrative power. It was a weakness in the campaign from the start.

  13. andrew says

    Now take the war monger Cheney out of the ad. We don’t need one of the chief architects of the needless Iraq war, which cost the lives of tens of thousands and a trillion dollars, on our side.

  14. SoLeftImRight says

    So Laura Bush, relatively inoffensive First Lady while her moron husband was destroying the world, has chosen to take on the title of explicitly anti-gay c*nt, which she really didn’t emphasize before.

    God, to have had sex with one of the dumbest men on the planet, must make you feel special, Laura. Sad, sick woman.

  15. Phil says

    Agreed that it is improper to use someone’s endorsement against her will. Shame on Marriage Coalition. But Laura Bush still killed a young man with her car. Shame on her. Republicans shouldn’t mention Chappaquiddick again.

  16. graphicjack says

    Why don’t they ask Betty Bowers to do it? She looks like Laura but has much more charisma. Poor Laura, she’s still not allowed to have an opinion, even after W’s retirement. She has always seemed like a battered wife to me, maybe not physically, but emotionally. She never came across as being able to exhibit a personality or opinion other than to boost up her idiot of a husband. Crawl back to the 1900s where you and your ilk belong. It’s 2013 and women’s rights, gay rights and human rights have evolved… you are all dinosaurs behind the times.

  17. Rich says

    While we tend to act as if First Lady is a job title, it is not, and Mrs. Bush is now and always was a private individual. That she may have expressed an opinion favorable to marriage equality doesn’t give us the right to quote her without permission, and indeed the Respect for Marriage Coalition did the honorable thing by respecting her request.

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