1. RONTEX says

    Lighten up guys. He’s a straight ally, pretty hot to a lot of gay men and his bromance with Blake is kind of sweet. This blog is for all gay men, if you don’t want to read about Adam then don’t

  2. Bob says

    EXPLANATION for those who do not get it:
    The more that straight men joke lightheartedly about fooling around and doing Gay stuff, the more “normal” it seems to the general population, thus, in a weird way, making what Gay folks do seem more everyday and ordinary.
    Also, part of homophobia is the fear of one’s own impulses. Adam’s joke helps to remind guys that dicks are cool and you might find yourself thinking of grabbing one, knowing that the thought does not make you Gay or bad
    The joke was not meant to be funny to Gay men, it was intended for the public.

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