1. johnny says

    Life can be difficult at times, but nothing like this which puts any troubles one might have into perspective. Any of life’s problems compared to this are surmountable, when one is not sitting in jail waiting to be executed simply for being gay.

    So glad to hear at least two are safe now.

  2. says

    The anti gay hatred is visceral…..whether it manifests itself through the disguise of religion or not.
    I think it’s all the same personal fear and insecurity, whether wanting to kill gays , not sell them a wedding cake or staying in the closet and actively denouning gays. It’a all personal sexual insecurity handled in different ways.
    But I rejoice for these two men; they are the lucky ones.

  3. Rick says

    They’re obviously too feminine for their own good. They make the rest of his red-blooded American males look bad.

  4. scott says

    Excuse me RICK? I realize you’re the resident troll on this blog, but even that was too far for you. If that really was you- you should really think about what you just posted. And if not- same goes for whoever posted that comment. Can’t believe someone would go that far- they were almost KILLED!!!

    Have you no sense of decency? ughhh

  5. billmiller says

    No one should die for being a homosexual, there are enough kids/people dying by their own hand! ‘religion’ be damned!