‘Shameless’ Actor Cameron Monaghan: ‘I’m Not Gay…It Feels a Bit Odd to ‘Come Out’ as a Straight Guy’


In response to his followers questions yesterday, actor Cameron Monaghan, who plays a gay teen on Showtime's Shameless, came out as a straight guy.

Said Monaghan on Twitter: "This is the only time I will answer this here: No, I'm not gay. Yes, I play a gay character. No, the question should not be relevant."

Adding, "Thanks for the kind words, everyone. It feels a bit odd to 'come out' as a straight guy."

(via ed kennedy)


  1. Spdrcr says

    Excellent show. His acting has not gotten bad….the writing is slightly different and now his role is changed. And the valid point that he makes is that it doesn’t matter so ‘why’ ask.

  2. Sergio says

    Any one else notice how Hollywood likes to give most of the gay roles to straight (or so-called straight) actors, but doesn’t like to give straight roles to gay actors? I’m so sick of it all.

  3. Bob says

    @SERGIO– Hollywood, a town of scared homicidal rabbits, prefers Gays who are easy to peg and non-threatening like “Jack” on “Will and Grace”.
    A butch Gay guy being around may make their fat, unattractive asses feel threatened.

  4. David Hearne says

    Again: Apparently it’s a crime for whathisname to play Tony Mendez because the actor isn’t latino…. but it’s considered generous , daring, or challenging for self identified straight actors to play defined gay characters.

  5. Onnyjay says

    Um, isn’t this why they call it “acting”? All of us am what we am, gay, straight, bi, whatever else. Give the guy a break and let him play the character.

  6. Cory says

    Love his answer, hate his acting. Noel Fisher completely outshines him every time they’re on camera together.

    Now when Mickey gives this answer, my heart will break. With the dyed black hair, Noel is smoking hot. Ian doesn’t do anything for me…

  7. Dback says

    People, be nice to our cool straight allies. There was a time not even a decade ago when you wouldn’t see ANY actors playing nude gay love scenes on TV, let alone an 18-to-20-year old.

    And I think he’s smoking hot (nice muscle tone), and his acting is just fine. His character isn’t as complex as his brother Lip’s in some ways, but Monaghan handles all of his scenes very well. (His expression of devastation watching his boyfriend being forced to have sex with the Russian girl last week was really terrific stuff.)

  8. says

    Too bad the show is so mediocre and one-note. There’s nothing redeeming about this show; and the writing is pretty offensive to anyone with a half a brain. Watched it from the beginning, but immediately tuned out once the William H. Macy character started feeding Xanax to the baby with Down’s Syndrome. Not funny, not even as dark comedy. It’s pretty mean-spirited stuff, this show.

  9. jeranel says

    I think Shameless just bombed this season due to the writers pandering to the tweens and the tween minded audience. The Ian and Mickey relationship was nothing but a series anal sex scenes. It got pretty stupid after a while and I am sorry but Ian is clearly more of a catcher than Mickey was made out to be. Other than gratuitous anal sex there was nothing at all going on between the two of them. And Ian was constantly portrayed as this wide eyed babe in the woods that needed guidance and direction from Lip. Man UP! Carl was more of a crafty bad ass than Ian. And I have never seen a worse casting decision in my life than Emma Greenwell (Mandy) who looks like a drag queen, towers over her co stars, and knows only two emotions, horny and angry she stand out like a sore thumb. Every other word out of her mouth was hummer. Hummer this and hummer that. But as I said before, the tweens loved her. She has straight long black hair and bangs. The goth-punk-alternative wannabe standard hair-do. Unfortunately her storyline dominated the entire season. She just never went away. And Lip, who I adored in the beginning has just become a stupid pompous ass that needs an ass beating. Everyone in Lips life was urging him to go to school and rise above his upbringing, yet the only one who was ever given credit for caring about him was Mandy, when Mandy’s feeling for him were clearly self motivated.

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