1. Jimmy Cat movie was respo says

    They really should have included Moulin Rouge. That movie was responsible for the resurgence of movie musical popularity in the 2000’s. :-/

  2. niles says

    I think everyone was mystified by the Chicago number repeat with Zeta-Jones, but informed sources say that the producers of the show also produced Chicago. Still odd and out of place.

  3. Bob says

    Uh, Andy— I think it was a tribute to movie musicals.
    @Miles –As for the Chicago thing, that was a hot number, and her husband is Michael Douglas, even if she only “acts” singing.
    @Jimmy — They could not have done a scene from Moulin Rouge, because there was no way to make Nicole come off in a live musical number. In the movie, they saved her with spectacle and lots of cutting away. I thought she was EXECRABLE in it.

  4. Chadd says

    If Madonna had showed up to do Evita, it would have been the gayest night ever! There has been Little Shop of Horrors, Phantom, Mama Mia and the old ones like The King & I, so it seems odd that a “tribute” would stick to just 3 shows when so many have been made into movies.

  5. Matt26 says

    OK, here goes: CZJ pre taped, perhaps they should have asked Ute Lemper to do it.
    Jennifer Hudson nailed it, Barbra must have thought, where she has got herself into.
    Thankfully Madonna was nowhere near.
    Russell really cannot sing his part. Why the actress playing Eponine didn’t get the nomination?

  6. Warren C. E. Austin says

    By far and away THE most memorable moment of the Oscars was dame Shirley Bassey’s appearance and performance during the Bond Tribute of the tune she popularized nearly fifty years ago. Adele’s insignificant contribution paled in comparison. Miss Bassey’s standing ovation was truly well deserved, with her inclusion in the telecast being the only reason to have tuned in at all.

    Warren C. E. Austin
    The Gay Deceiver
    Toronto, Canada

  7. Kevin says

    Dame Shirley–at 76 years old, mind you–belted GOLDFINGER with such force, I’m surprised the first two rows weren’t picking themselves off the floor before giving her a standing ovation. She’s been recording since 1956 and she’s only ever gotten ONE single Grammy nomination (for 1997’s THE BIRTHDAY CONCERT).

  8. SeattleMike says

    I thought Hudson sounded waaaay too screamy. But did anybody else notice cutey-pie (and gay) Charlie Williams among the dancers? Esp. very prominent in the “Boobs” number.

  9. SoSeriouslyY says

    I still remember the days when Jennifer couldn’t get a decent looking outfit. It was an embarrassment.

    Now she looks amazing, and her clothes look lovely, if not classic.

  10. jaragon says

    These are the OSCARs not the Tonys- more movie clips please. Yes Shirley Bassey was awesome but that was a very lame salute to James Bond.

  11. will says

    Is Sacha Baron Cohen shooting his Freddie Mercury movie yet? He’s a perfect fit (I think) but it seems we’ve been hearing about this film for 2 1/2 years.

  12. Luke says

    I for one don’t understand their choice in having Les Mis go after Jennifer Hudson. I get that it’s the newest movie, but And I Am Telling You is a show stopper. Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for her role. Her rendition is a thing of legend…

    It felt like watching a legend and then being forced to watch a bad off-broadway play. There was no way they were going to compare to JHud, and I felt embarrassed for them. Hasn’t anyone heard of finishing strong?

  13. Jim says

    I love all the ‘gay’ references to this section of Oscar night. If this was the ‘gayest’ Oscars ever, then I guess they need to bring on a lot more of it. This was the most entertaining Oscars in recent years.

  14. Ryan says

    I thought CZJ was awesome in the Chicago portion, and it was perfect to include as it was one of the most successful modern musicals.

    Jennifer Hudson was every bit as good as she can be… which, um…. is one of the best ever. So, yeah.

    I’m sure CZJ was happy she didn’t have to follow that one, and Les Mis following it suffered because of it.

    To be honest, though, the biggest problem with the Les Mis portion was the song choice. While perhaps the best song in the show, it’s the toughest to sing live. I was cringing in parts, because the movie cast didn’t have all the practice (or mustical experience) that a true Broadway cast would — that part of Les Mis is pretty damned complicated, with a lot of things going at once, and just didn’t work as a Big Chorus Number then and there.

    I completely, 100% agree Moulan Rouge should have been included. Chicago, Dreamers and Les Mis may never have happened without it. My only question is if Nicole Kidman and/or Ewan McGregor would have been game. My gut feeling is they probably weren’t asked, but it’s entirely possible that they were, and one or both said no.

  15. graphicjack says

    Jennifer Hudson was screamy because the song is all about her screaming… she’s fighting to stay in the group and for her man… that’s the point. If you don’t sream, if you don’t have passion, it fails.

    I agree that Madonna in Evita would have been perfect. Moulin Rouge was not my favourite by any means, but sure, include it. The issue was one of length. The show is already long.

    But my issue with JHud and CZJ singing their songs was that it was sort of bittersweet… here’s your Oscar, and now your career is over. Neither of them have had much of a career since, and honestly, Dreamgirls was too recent a movie for a “retrospective about musicals. Moulin Rouge or Evita might have been better choices, but I guess they figured JHud was the sure-fire showstopper song to go with.