New Poll Shows Majority in Pennsylvania Support Marriage Equality


A new poll out from Franklin & Marshall College shows that a majority of Pennsylvanians — 52 percent — support marriage equality, while 41 percent oppose it.

Think Progress reports that similar favorability, though not by as wide a margin, was seen in a Quinnipiac poll released two weeks ago. They add:

Though Pennsylvania does not have a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, such unions are still not recognized under state law. Support will likely continue to increase in the Keystone state not only because of national trends, but because of the neighboring influence of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, which all have either marriage equality or civil unions that could become marriage equality quite soon.


  1. Mary says

    This is surprising, but good news. I hear that outside of the major cities, Pennsylvania is very red state.

  2. jlavoy says

    @Mary, its true that Pennsylvania can be conservative, but, having grown up in rural Northeastern PA, I experienced a reasonable, quiet conservativism, where people were mainly fiscally conservative, and preferred “local” rule. Social issues tended to be regarded as live and let live.

    What I found interesting about this poll is that 2/3 of respondants were over 55, and still there was a majority in favor of gay marriage. A very small minority, like 15%, were under 35.

  3. rdiac says

    @jlavoy- Older folks are significantly more likely to vote. I’m guessing ballot forecasts might be the point.

  4. Jere says

    I think Pennsylvania will be an easier nut to crack for marriage equality if marriage can be brought to New Jersey and Delaware in the near future. If that can happen, the commonwealth will be almost completely surrounded by jurisdictions in which marriage equality is law (the borders with WV and OH, being the exception). It will be very difficult for lawmakers in PA to make the case that Pennsylvanians don’t need or deserve marriage equality when most of their neighbors already have it.