News: Monopoly, Ryan Lochte, Marijuana, Roseanne Cash, Drones

RoadToday is National Gay-Straight Alliance Day.

RoadSTUDY: Marijuana doubles the risk of stroke among young adults.

M_catRoadMonopoly's new piece.

RoadGay Iranian boxer wins battle to have asylum case reconsidered in Britain: "The UKBA had rejected his claim based on sexual orientation, saying there was no realistic prospect of an immigration judge finding he had established he was gay or would be treated as such by potential persecutors in his homeland. However, Lord Stewart said the decision was 'technically flawed', and a new ruling should take into account mental health material that was omitted."

RoadChris Pratt lands lead in upcoming Marvel superhero flick Guardians of the Galaxy: "The 33-year-old Parks and Recreation actor, who bulked up last year for his role in the Oscar-nominated flick Zero Dark Thirty, will play the role of Star-Lord (aka Peter Quill), who is the offspring of a human mother and an alien father."

RoadJohn Travolta cruise ship case dropped: "On Friday, a judge denied Travolta's attempt to throw it into arbitration. On Monday, the parties agreed to drop the case. Neither party was available to discuss what prompted the dismissal. In the lawsuit, Travolta gave his own sworn declaration. 'While I was indeed a passenger aboard the MS Enchantment of the Seas in or about June 2009, Mr. Zanzi's allegations in the Complaint are entirely false, including... a purported physical encounter with me and his allegations... regarding an alleged financial offer I made him. None of these events happened, and Zanzi's allegations are pure fabrication.'"

LochteRoadRyan Lochte recreated Nirvana's Nevermind album cover, but hey, he forgot to take his Speedo off. Video.

RoadBen & Jerry's forced to remove post celebrating marriage equality in UK from its Facebook page after 15 minutes, due to hateful comments.

RoadRight-wing author Jonathan Cahn: 9/11 was a message from God to ban gay marriage. “We’re watching rapidly since 9/11, America depart from God and it’s becoming, just like Israel did, it became almost like a pagan nation, we America are forgetting our foundation and it’s becoming almost the same as a pagan nation.” Cahn said. “But to whom much is given, much is required; so if we go this route, God is warning and God is calling.”

RoadLesson: Don't flip off the judge.

RoadBeyoncé's reps demand that unflattering photos of her be removed from the internet!

JacobsRoadMarc Jacobs is Diet Coke's new creative director and he's celebrating with a can of it in a photo booth.

RoadRoseanne Cash donates song to benefit the Outreach programs at St. Luke's: The People Living with AIDS project. Background on it: "Cash wrote the song, 'Jim and George,'about an elderly gay couple in Chelsea who she says were 'very dear' to her. Cash described the writing process as 'an exercise in compassion and awareness to see myself through their eyes, and them through my eyes. Love is love, and love doesn’t contain itself within arbitrary borders of gender, orientation, race, nationality, creed or age. Love is love.'"

RoadDrones get scrutinized.

RoadNate Berkus' sexuality gets scrutinized.

RoadRhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee presses for marriage equality: “We are in intense competition with Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts,” said Chafee, a 59-year-old Republican- turned-independent, ticking off three nearby states where gays can wed. “We are all in the same economy. We have to have the same welcome mat at our door that our neighbors have.”

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  1. re: Marijuana smoking and strokes.

    cannabis - you don't need to smoke it. vaporizer. baked goods. smoking thus eliminated, stroke issues no longer present. taDAHH!

    re: 9/11 - why didn't the attack then happen in the ultra-liberal socialist homosexual land of Canada?


    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Feb 6, 2013 3:59:58 PM

  2. Nate Berkus and I share the same birthday and same height, but I don't have a line of sheets. What about that Boy Scout delay today? Now that is funny.

    Posted by: GB | Feb 6, 2013 4:04:42 PM

  3. The Ben & Jerry's Facebook Post is back up with a video.

    Posted by: Steve | Feb 6, 2013 4:11:23 PM

  4. WTF? 11 years later and they are STILL invoking 9/11 to wrap their garbage in? Gay marriage wasn't even a major issue in the US back in 2001. Gay marriage has no more to do with 9/11 than rock music or the Easter Bunny does. What a moron.

    Posted by: BETTY | Feb 6, 2013 4:29:18 PM

  5. Well Lil' Brat from Toronto, here's hoping you choke on a brownie and the paramedics/EMTs are out on strike. We can only hope.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Feb 6, 2013 4:37:11 PM

  6. I dunno, Betty. I'm pretty sure that Pagan egg-laying bunny is clearly a pawn of Satan..

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Feb 6, 2013 4:41:25 PM

  7. RAT: it's getting old.

    Posted by: DAN | Feb 6, 2013 4:44:47 PM

  8. Kiwi, Rat-turds wants you to bang him so bad, he's practically begging for it.

    I hope you have standards.

    Posted by: ripper | Feb 6, 2013 4:50:05 PM

  9. Clearly, Beyonce's publicist has never heard of the Streisand Effect.

    Posted by: Jerry | Feb 6, 2013 4:57:07 PM

  10. Re: The Marijuana-Stroke study:

    A major problem with the study was that the researchers had no information on the traditional stroke risk factors in the comparison group. That proved particularly problematic when it came to smoking cigarettes — a known stroke risk factor.

    "We know that all but one of the stroke patients who were cannabis users also used tobacco. We do not know how much — if at all — people in the comparison group used tobacco," Barber says.

    More bad "science".

    Posted by: PDX Guy | Feb 6, 2013 5:03:52 PM

  11. I worked for a major research university designing medical studies for several years. That study never would have made it out of my office as it appears to have been designed. As usual, let's see if other studies confirm.

    Posted by: Eric | Feb 6, 2013 5:16:24 PM

  12. Actual lesson: judges are kings, above the law.

    Posted by: Randy | Feb 6, 2013 5:31:16 PM


    Posted by: Fensox | Feb 6, 2013 5:46:15 PM

  14. Marc Jacobs is kinda hot, has a nice grin, and looks like he enjoys having fun. I'll meet him in a small photo booth any time!

    Posted by: Zlick | Feb 6, 2013 6:04:34 PM

  15. The methodology for the pot study is incredibly flawed, and I'm really far from being a pothead.

    Posted by: Paul R | Feb 6, 2013 7:33:50 PM

  16. Marc Jacobs is so annoying.

    Posted by: Pig | Feb 6, 2013 8:03:28 PM

  17. I think Nate Berkus father should have been more concerned with his bloated ego.

    Posted by: Josh | Feb 6, 2013 8:05:01 PM

  18. I think Nate Berkus father should have been more concerned with his bloated ego.

    Posted by: Josh | Feb 6, 2013 8:05:02 PM

  19. That marijuana study is riiiiiidiculous. Seriously? A sample size of 150, whittled to 16% that tested positive for drugs, 8 percent of whom tested positive for pot. So that's a sample size of... 1.9? I dont get it.

    Posted by: jack | Feb 6, 2013 9:07:51 PM

  20. Rosanne is misspelled. No "e" after the "s" in the first name of Johnny Cash's gifted daughter.

    Posted by: Steven | Feb 6, 2013 9:50:53 PM

  21. The marijuana study is a scare tactic. How about all the research that has been squashed that shows it's true medicinal shrinking cancerous tumors (especially lung) and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Marc Jacobs is the biggest sell-out, blowhard that I've ever seen. He should be ashamed.

    Posted by: Bill | Feb 6, 2013 11:06:32 PM

  22. At 76 years old and being out 60 of them, I have seen great progress made in our fights for equal rights on many levels. I was part of the gay rights movement in San Francisco from the late 1960s,after leaving my home town of Chicago in 1960, to be myself. I spent 23 years in S.F. and counted Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk as friends.

    When I was 16, I quit a Chicago high schools because I had "those" tendencies and it was taboo just to know someone queer(that's what we were called)let a lone be gay.One of the best organizations to come out of the gay rights movement is the Gay/Straight Alliance. Sadly they are not in most schools, especially in rural America. I have spoken to the G/S Alliance at the Walter Payton College Prep High School here in Chicago on several occasions. The first thing I tell the students is how lucky they are, because I left H.S. in 1953 at a time there were no support groups anywhere for young kids or their parents(P.Flag).

    It's good to have seen the progress first hand,and just last year I was inducted into the Chicago Senior Citizen Hall of Fame primarily for my many years promoting equal rights for gays. No longer in Chicago, do gay youngsters have to quit h.s. or young adults leave their hometown to be themselves. I urge all gays to get involved in their hometowns and support or help create Gay/ Straight Alliances everywhere.

    Posted by: Jerry Pritikin aka The Bleacher Preacher | Feb 7, 2013 8:30:23 AM

  23. All this B.S. over a new token in the game of Monopoly... The game has been out of date for years. I always thought they should of changed the houses to motels,Hotels to Condos and railroads into airlines and do away with money and have make believe charge cards instead! It's sad to see how news organizations posted stories about the change in the game after people voted for the cat. I bet you that many of those same people who took time to vote,did not take part in the last Presidential election!

    Posted by: Jerry Pritikin aka The Bleacher Preacher | Feb 7, 2013 8:37:36 AM

  24. Weird, how many "young adults" do YOU know that have had a stroke ?

    I mean, hell, it sounds pretty rare.

    It's easy to deceive with stats when you're a researcher in search for funding to keep working, even if you know that your work isn't an actual contribution to human knowledge at all.

    I take it most people here would be shocked at how much research is conducted in a manner which obfuscates and does not further any kind of advancement, other than to line corrupt and incompetent "scientists" pocket. It's not rare at all. It's not even particularly "scientific". And guess what, it's not even that much of a secret.

    Posted by: YesIAmAGayScientist | Feb 7, 2013 4:42:08 PM

  25. I was hoping TowleRoad would cover the drone issue and the CIA appointment issue with some degree of focus, but the ongoing assault on all our basic human rights, the Constitutional guarantees, and the disgusting participation of our current administration in the debacle runs contrary to the partisan politics TR pushes.

    Let me make it clear for you all. Our President not only isn't taking a stand on the murder of American Citizens, and keeping it secret, he's part of it.

    A exclusive focus on gay rights is worse than useless when ALL our rights are being undermined, and you can be just swept off to another country and "disappear" and be tortured. No due process, no lawyer, no trial, no examination of the facts, just politicians murdering Americans that are deemed inconvenient.

    You're next.

    Posted by: JustSayin | Feb 7, 2013 4:49:12 PM

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