NOM Pushes Dishonest Obama Graphic Claiming ‘Same-Sex Marriage Makes Fathers Irrelevant’


The latest social media viral propaganda being pushed by NOM.

Jeremy Hooper writes:

Actually, in my same-sex marriage, fathers are hyper-relevant! In fact, the court that just certified Andrew and me as having a qualified adoptive home put a premium on our two-parent bond. They quite liked our loving, committed, safe, and comfortable home filled with two humans who have made a commitment to each other and to the care of new life. Imagine that.

When President Obama uttered those words, he was referring to the very specific problems of dads who played a role in creating a family only to abdicate responsibility. That is an issue—one that we should solve. Same goes for when mothers step out on families that they should support. In an ideal climate, we could all agree on this. In a less politicized world, we could hope that all human beings would take responsibility for whatever family form they, by virtue of their own choices, created.

But in the aggressive world that NOM is forcing on us all? Gays are the scapegoats.


  1. Pedopope says

    Not as dishonest as the Pope who sent a letter to all the Bishops to hide pedophile priest and their crimes or be punished by the Catholic Church. That is why they are running him out of Vatican City, he is a pedophile enabler.

  2. BETTY says

    If NOM has a problem with HETEROSEXUAL father’s who walk away from their responsibilities, take it up with them! NOT the gay fathers and mothers who adopt the children that HETEROSEXUAL parents don’t want to raise.

  3. Bart says

    Funny, in our house there are two fathers and we cook, clean, shop, coddle, love and take care of our two boys. Irrelevant? Only a stupid person wouldn’t understand that in many same sex households ther are TWO fathers. Brian Brown and his idiot brigade should spend more time at home with their kids rather than worried about mine. We are doing just
    fine. In fact better than fine. Can Mr. brown say that…or does he even know?

  4. Matt N says

    If same-sex marriage were for women only, then I suppose this would at least have some kind of logic to it. But, it’s not, so this makes absolutely no sense.

    While we’re on the topic. I’m not sure that someone’s sexual organs differentiates how they raise kids. My husband is into a lot of stereotypical female things (shopping, various cosmetic products, etc.) and I’m into more stereotypical male things (gardening, fixing up the house, etc.). So, our kids will have more than enough variety in their life experiences.

    And what does NOM say about a straight couple, where both genders are into stereotypically male or female things. Should they be prevented from raising kids?

    All of this makes ZERO sense!

  5. Jeff Kurtti says

    I asked my three sons if their papa is irrelevant, or if their daddy is. When I explained the word “irrelevant,” they looked puzzled and then laughed. The 7-year old said, “Stop teasing, Papa.”

  6. Josh says

    Children will be victims of their parents selfishness. On the front lines of an unfortunate fate, forced to carry their parent’s baggage through their formative years.

  7. Lymis says

    “Maybe he should ramp down the drug war and stop imprisoning minorities for years and years for nonviolent drug possession…”

    Maybe he should. It’s certainly one cause of a lot of damaged families for no good reason. But it’s not like it’s something Obama personally created, nor that he could simply end by saying so.

    But yes, that’s certainly one facet of addressing the issue. So you agree with him?

  8. Jack M says

    Yes, with two men as parents, fathers become totally irrelevant. What a bunch of brain-dead idiots. The problem with absent fathers comes from heterosexual couples, you dummies.

  9. David Hearne says

    I’ll grant you that I don’t know thousands of gay couples parenting children, biological or adopted. However, the ones I do know are pretty average in every respect. By that I mean that those in the high performing group are average to that group, and those in the low performing group are average to that group.

    I am not aware of any lesbian parent or couple who raise their children in a single sex world. My niece lived alone with her mother, but was raised by her mom, grandmother, grandfather, uncle etc… Many lesbian couples have an ongoing friendship between the biological mother and an open adoption with the father of their child. God knows that gay men rarely live in a world without the company and parental assistance of women.

    I have long been surprised and dismayed by the outlook of fundamentalist people regarding family. It would seem that they are so rigid that they don’t actually have traditional families, ie extended families because extended families rarely agree with the rigidity of the fundamentalist. Even in Baptist families, you rarely have across the board agreement on just how puritanical to be.

    So the fundies tend to define family as the “nuclear family” which they think is traditional. The nuclear family is not traditional. Anyone who is familiar with the census records from 1850 to 1900 knows that extended families were the rule everywhere but the bowels of New York and other places where small families lived in small spaces. Everywhere else, you have a man and his wife (often his second or third) , one or two of his parents, aunts, uncles, unexplained relations, siblings, and assorted others living in one farm house or property.

  10. Frank says

    @DAVID HEARNE you are describing generations of my family. My Dad’s house had both parents 12 kids and extra uncles who needed shelter during the depression. My Mom’s family of 9 kids was the same. Both of my grandpas eventually came to live with their kids. Aunts and Uncles constantly dropped in. We were parented by an entire family, including my Aunt and her partner and my parents who were married for 40 years and taught us how much LOVE counts in making a family.

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