1. Henry Holland says

    Whoever owns the rights to the Undertones “Teenage Kicks” should burn in hell for allowing these talent-free mingers to use that song.

    Punk rock is dead.

  2. iban4yesu says

    Kinda getting tired of Cameron trying to be hip…If I ever need a Tory/i, I call Araon Spelling’s fag hag spawn. Just saying.(Not that the war criminal Blair was any better… Labor my perky bubblicious derriere!)

  3. PixelWizard says

    Oh please, previous posters. Get over it! Blondie’s fine but that was decades ago and it’s just a song. A catchy, vapid song. And these boys are fine too – being what boys are supposed to be: amusing. Their voices are OK!

  4. AriesMatt says

    Have to admit being skeptical, as Blondie is one of my all time fav bands, but I really like this cover. Song has a new touch without losing the original’s better qualities. Props to the boys for allowing themselves to be filmed without hair and makeup – they look just a wee bit different without the styling, but still cute.

  5. Icebloo says

    David Cameron is a piece of excrement.

    He is incompetent, elitist and way out of his depth. It’s time for him to fade back into the obscurity he so deserves. How pathetic he is appearing with this boyband so he can appeal to younger voters.

  6. jayjay says

    Far from being a one direction-er but wats wit the’s for a good cause and it sounded pretty good as a cover. If u dont have something nice to say keep it to urself.

  7. Ryan says

    I’ve never actually watched anything from One Direction before. My thoughts:

    The blond one is both the cutest but absolutely, positively least talented, at least dancing. Seriously, he was out of step in every dancing part of the video. I was actually starting to wonder if it was some kind of gag.

    The guy with the shaved head had a pretty darn good voice, the rest benefit much more greatly greatly from autotune.

    I can kind of get why teenage/adolescent girls would be into them… but not much else. Seriously, how have they exploded to what they’ve become? NSYNC was better, not that I was into them at when I was a teenager, either… but at least it seemed more rational they would have been so successful.

  8. Tampagary says

    Blondie and Debbie Harry are perhaps my favorite band/ performer. It’s great to introduce their work to a new generation. Would have been great to have Debbie Harry doing a cameo with them!

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