1. zeddy says

    Dear Patty,

    There are already predators in the scouts. And guess what? They are straight and sick. Also, how many people had “sexual experimentation” happen in the scouts? That’s pretty much why I didn’t stay to get my eagle badge…because I didn’t want to have to withstand boys masturbating with each other. (yeah I was totally freaked out by that)

  2. P says

    Obviously I’m asking too much of Pat Robertson et al by asking them to think sensibly, but wouldn’t it be the case if Scout Masters could be *open* about their sexuality, it would be easier to identify inappropriate behavior and therefore strengthen the institution against predators? Gay people or straight people can be child molesters, but you have to actually acknowledge that same-sex attraction exists before you can call out inappropriate advances on a scout.

    Maybe not articulated very clearly, but I hope it made sense

  3. Bill says

    If they keep the ban, hopefully parents will “do what is right” for their kids and protect them against pedophiles and predators by sending them to a program that does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Pedophiles and predators who want to get into the boy scouts or similar organizations, particularly given the size of the boy scouts and the opportunity it represents, are not going to stand on a street corner and shout, “I’m gay.” So by including gays who are out, on the average you reduce the risk rather than increase it because you haven’t thrown out a population least likely to contain pedophiles and predators interested in boys.

    Robertson, of course, is too stupid to realize that, or maybe just too bigoted, or maybe both.

  4. 99% says

    Obsessive comes to mind. I really wonder if Patty gets off on thinking about these things in the DETAIL that he does. Do you think that if he were 30 years younger that he would have a Grindr account or at least a flat in Taiwan or the Philippines somewhere?

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    Roberson wraps his hate in very reasonable-sounding arguments. It’s true that the BSA is a private organization which should do what it feels is best for the organization. The hate-mongering exists (1) in the threat of “predators or pedophiles” (it has correctly been pointed out that such folk are already there) and (2) in the suggestion that voting in favor of accepting gays is either not what’s good for the organization or is simply “giving in” to the “political correct crowd.”

    Many gay and lesbian individuals have fond memories of their days in the scouts, whether they were open or closeted. Roberson and his ilk seem only to be concerned with honesty: they insist that gay people shouldn’t be.

  6. Strepsi says

    Thats right Pat, because the Catholic Church, which has an absolute ban on gay priests, has absolutely no pedophiles or predators.

    No proven-beyond-a-doubt child rapes going back at least 60 years. No proven-guilty-in-a-court-of-law predators in Canada, The U.S., Brazil, Germany, the UK, or Italy. No official apology THIS WEEK from Archbishop Jose Gomez admitting the Catholic Church — which has a ban on gay priests, remember? — abetted the many pedophiles in its ranks and obstructed justice for decades.


    Pat, just STFU you sick hateful POS.

  7. jexer says

    Anyone that pretends to be such an ‘expert’ on boy-raping pedophiles should be more thoroughly investigated. I have no doubt the odious fossil has more than a few tiny skeletons in his closet.

  8. Alex says

    This world doesn’t need gay people to destroy itself, it can do that all by itself. If gay people disappeared, that wouldn’t stop predators of all forms from existing because people will always have a sick desire to control and abuse others. So pat and others can blame gay folk as much as they like. In their hearts, they do not want gay people to disappear EVER as they will be forced to look in the mirror and make real choices about their lives.

  9. Maguita says

    Predators and pedophiles ARE ALREADY IN THE BOY SCOUTS YOU DUMB SH!T, and they have NOTHING to do with being gay.

    Some idiots just make me feel like going all Sh!t Brown on their a$$. But I understand the luck of living in a civilized free country, so I just breathe in and continue voting and contributing in electing Kenyan Socialists. Here-here!

  10. Walt NYC says

    If they are truly concerned about predators and pedophiles, they really should ban heterosexual white males from being scout leaders. After all, they are, largely, the molester demographic. Case in point: Jerry Sandusky. Totally straight, married to his wife for 47 years. Despite mounting scientific evidence to the contrary, redneck evangelicals like Pat Robertson cling to the much disproved myth that homosexuality is tantamount to pedophilia. They claim to be so disturbed by homosexuality, yet they are so lustfully obsessed with the gay community’s every move. One has to wonder, with all of the finger-pointing and attempts at diversion, what they, themselves, are hiding.

  11. GregV says

    “…wouldn’t it be the case if Scout Masters could be *open* about their sexuality, it would be easier to identify inappropriate behavior….you have to actually acknowledge that same-sex attraction exists before you can call out inappropriate advances on a scout.”

    @P: No, I disagree completely.
    First, men with husbands who identify as gay are not any more likely to molest male scouts than men with wives who identify as straight. In fact, there is evidence in the psych literature that the opposite is true. And I know that of all my male friends who were molested as kids, all thr perps were men married to women and all identified as straight.

    Second, not every case of inappropriate sexual conduct has to do with “attraction” per se. You can’t assume that the victim is the perpetrator’s “type” or even the age or gender of the perpetrator’s “type.” There are a lot of motivations for inappropriate sexual behavior that have nothing to do with sexual attraction.

    Third, suggesting that a person’s orientation needs to be brought up in order to evaluate an ACTION sounds like criteria for a witch-hunt.
    What is appropriate for a Scoutmaster (or anyone else) is still okay no matter who he or she goes home to, and what is inappropriate is not more excusable if he can prove he’s into women or she can prove she’s into men.
    No one should say that a smile or a pat on the back when handing out a badge makes a man culpable only because that man has a husband at home, or that a Scoutmaster teaching a game of “touch me down here” is not so bad just because he has a wife at home.

  12. anon says

    I really wasn’t expecting him to come out in favor of gays in the boy scouts, so this is hardly a shock. The problem for him is that this was the argument all along, so can’t be used again.

  13. walter says

    the scouts have had pedophiles for years and for years have been covering it up. most of the pedophiles turn out to straight males and married so pat does men that only women can be scout masters but since you have this thing about women maybe just bisband the scouts. i really wish this dumb asswipe would die already.

  14. cando64 says

    The pedophiles are already there Pat. Look into the files that the BSA has been forced to release about all of the sexual abuse they have been covering up. The BSA is no different than the Catholic Church.

  15. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    Obviously, he hasn’t heard of the Stocks murders in Lonoke Ark. Seems the son was being sexually assaulted by his Scoutmaster, Frank Walls. Walls apparwntly had been doing it to several boys, including his own nephews, IN THEIR HOUSE, for years. Heath Stocks killed his family after having been indoctrinated for years by Walls,AND one of his nephews committed suicide, after forcing a confession from Walls of his assaults, and Walls landing in prison after YEARS of abuse in the Boy Scouts he was assigned Scoutmaster for/over. Walls was a family man, member of a church, and supposedly “upright” (?!?) member of the community. Hopefully, Robertson gets his comeuppance one day for spewing his b.s., AND that it is a VERY public one!!!

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