Reminder: Illinois House Panel to Consider Marriage Equality Today

As I noted last week, the Illinois House Executive Committee will consider SB 10, or the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, passed by the Senate last week, at 3 pm CST today.

ILThe Chicago Phoenix reported:

The committee vote is the next hurdle the bill must overcome on its path to becoming law and needs at least six votes there before it is cleared to hit the full House floor.

Advocates are expecting success in the committee, which comprises seven Democrats and four Republicans, but anticipate a tougher road to the 60 “yes” votes required to pass the measure in the full House.

The Illinois Senate passed the bill on Valentine's Day in a 34-21 vote.


  1. matt says

    Well, Gov. Quinn said he’d get on the phone and lobby reps just like Andy Cuomo did. Come on, Gov. Quinn, get movin’ after today’s vote! Make sure the Land of Lincoln is ahead of the Supreme Court ruling, not a follower. Illinois has a legacy of fairness to protect.

  2. Cody says

    I’m hoping for this! I live in the Quad Cities, so I live in Davenport, Iowa while my bf lives in East Moline, Illinois. I was hoping that when the time comes for a ceremony we could be afforded a choice of venue lol. Good luck there across the river! Join the cool club.

  3. william says

    well??? what’s the good word??!!?!? i’ve been googling all over trying to find anything, and I can’t. some gun debate has made the committee delay it? is that true?

  4. Patric says

    William, the bill just passed out of the committee but it was extremely close. All four Republican members of the committee voted against passage and one Dem did so. Of the six Dems who voted to pass the bill out of committee, one, Luis Arroyo, indicated that he was doing so because he believes that the bill deserves a vote of the full House but that, because of his religious beliefs and the positions of churches in his district, he expects to be voting against the bill on the House floor.

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