Report: ‘Gay Lobby’ Within Vatican Influenced Pope’s Resignation

Pope Benedict's dismay at an internal report on "various lobbies,
including a gay lobby," exercising "inappropriate influence" within the
Vatican, influenced his resignation, according to La Repubblica via the Irish Times:

BenedictThe newspaper suggests that such was Benedict’s dismay when presented with the details of the report on December 17th that it hardened his long-meditated decision to resign. The internal report prepared by Cardinals Julian Herranz, Josef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi had been commissioned by Benedict himself…

…In this morning's article, it is claimed that the cardinals reported that various lobbies within the Holy See were consistently breaking the sixth and seventh commandments, namely "thou shalt not steal" and "thou shalt not commit adultery".

The "stealing" was in particular related to the Vatican Bank, IOR, whilst the sexual offences were related to the influence of an active gay lobby within the Vatican.

Past reports begin to make sense in light of the news:

La Repubblica claims the cardinals' 300 page report speaks of "Impropriam Influentiam" on the part of various lobbies, some of them of a "worldly nature", reflecting an "outside influence". The Rome daily recalls the figure of papal gentleman, Angelo Balducci, accused three years ago of being a member of a gay ring active within the Vatican and involving choristers and seminarians.

Do you think the Vatican's gay lobby was responsible for this?



  1. Strepsi says

    But… but… how can they blame the gays when there are NO gay priests allowed?

    There is literally nothing these assholes will not blame on us, including their own culpability in the RAPE of thousands of children. No person of conscience can continue to be Catholic.

  2. Dan E says

    I dunno if they are a “gay lobby,” but there are a ton of gay priests in the Vatican. I have two close friends who live in Rome and, over the years of visiting them, I’m met any number of gay priests, many of whom have boyfriends (or “friends,” as they call them), and many of whom have reasonably high ranking positions in church hierarchy.

  3. says

    If he was truly a man of God, why would such “sins” make him want to quit? Wouldn’t it be all the more reason to stay in charge to fight this so called “sin”?

  4. bandanajack says

    a certain gay blogger formerly a priest has often said as much, ie the vatican is overrun by gay priests…

  5. says

    Look at those red shoes he’s wearing in the picture above and tell me that his fashion designer isn’t gay! The gay lobby to which they refer probably also include his hair stylist, his tailor, and his sommelier.

  6. andrew says

    The Papacy in Rome (Vatican) is like the British Monarchy in the U.K.: it is a tourist attraction with little or no real influence on world affairs.

  7. says

    Ha ha ha; I’ve always had my doubts about those beautiful Swiss Guards, so handsome, so masculine, muscled, ripped military men……but I digress !

    The Vatican blaming the “gay lobby” is akin to that tit, the ex-gay, yesterday blaming gays for oppressing Christians and their freedom to practise their hetro marriages.

    The old “turn the tables” device in argument; well, the Vatican is obviously desperate to hide something new and something big…..that’s for sure.

    But don’t blame it on the gays, Ratzi, you have been Captain on the Bridge for a long time, including your time as the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ( formerly the Inquisition). Whatever you are covering up happened on your watch !

    ( Are you reading this George W. Bush, remember 9/11, that was your watch).

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “The Papacy in Rome (Vatican) is like the British Monarchy in the U.K.: it is a tourist attraction with little or no real influence on world affairs.”

    Yes, that’s true, Andrew. But both are two of the wealthiest entities on this Earth. The Roman Catholic Church being not only wealthy (for over a 1,500 years) but also still powerful.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    I thought he was stepping down for health reasons, no, wait, it’s because of too much influence of various lobbies, no, wait…

    So, yeah, I guess we’re gonna play this game for quite awhile before it comes out how much more involved Benedict was in pedophile coverups than what anyone imagined.

  10. Frank says

    Benedict was often heard to mutter “There’s only room for one Queen in the Vatican, and that’s me.”

  11. CJ says

    Andy, seriously, enough with the slanderous tactics about always including the shirtless acrobats photo when referencing the pope. Pretty unfair to use that (and the Maggie Gallagher ‘O face’ photo, etc.) and then decry the other side for misrepresenting the gay community in the media. Let’s all be adults here and frame the issues in a non-bitchy, more objective way.

  12. says

    @ CJ :

    OK, you may have a point but, without being bitchy, it is amusing to see all the old Cardinals/Bishops ogling the two half naked muscled bodies with that most delicious of the Seven Deadly Sins, lust.

  13. Fahd says

    I was raised a Roman Catholic and the idea of a Pope resigning is as, if not more, shocking than if you told me Queen Elizabeth was abdicating. Both of them have been chosen by God to head their churches. They have investiture services (coronations) confirming it.It is not up to man to decide when this duty is over.

    How out of character, even hypocritical, for a man like Pope Benedict who adheres to the strictest gobbiltygook of the church’s teachings to step down before God is ready to take him home!

    There must be something very scandalous behind this (a sex tape?).

  14. andrew says

    @Derrick From Philly: Take heart, except for sub Saharan Africa and a few places in Latin America, the power and influence of the Roman Catholic Church is on the wane. In Western Europe, which has been the heart of Catholicism, the overwhelming majority of Catholics don’t practice their religion and ignore its teachings. In the USA fewer than 30% of Catholics attend Mass and most ignore its teachings. Over 95% of child bearing aged married couples pracice “artificial” contraception which the church teaches is gravely sinful and puts you on the road to hell. It gets better Derrick!

  15. BobN says

    Gosh, if only he had some sort of position of ultimate authority, some divine mandate or something…

    Someday we’re going to find out the real reason he resigned and it’s gonna blow everyone away.

  16. Matt26 says

    Very interesting indeed. Puts once more everything into a new light (if true). Of course Vatican is full of politics etc. but gay lobby and the hate against gays. Oh dear.

  17. Betty Treacle says

    The Pope craning his neck to get a better look at the male sex show is my favourite picture ever. Please attach it to every news item forever! I never tire of seeing it.

  18. redball says

    @Dan E: How do those gay priests in the Vatican reconcile their livelihood with the FACT that they are part of an organization that promotes homophobia which kills LGBTs worldwide (directly via hate crimes and indirectly via suicide, increased drug use, homelessness, etc.)?

    If what you say is true, those men are disgusting and they have blood on their hands.

    But so does the entire Vatican.

  19. ratbastard says

    Why do these highfalutin institutions like the Vatican and the British Monarchy do love their gay courtiers.

    And what, do these gay ‘lobbyist’ have a secret handshake or something? Do they wear a particular color bandana?

  20. andrew says

    @FAHD: Please tell me you do not believe that the creator of the BILLION GALLAXY UNIVERSE (if there be a creator) has chosen Elizabeth and Joe Ratzinger to govern their kingdoms. Do you actually believe that a creator of this VAST UNIVERSE is concerned with anything that happens on this third rock from our star in one very ordinary gallaxy of over a billion gallaxies.

  21. Adult Sex Does Not Equal 'Adultery'. says

    By the definition of the term ‘adultery’, unmarried gay men can NOT commit adultery with one another. They may violate their vow of celibacy, but that is not the same thing as adultery. This is just further evidence of the catholic church’s dishonesty, hypocrisy and intentional obfuscation.

  22. JamesInCA says

    Because if there’s anything Benedict XVI is sensitive to, it’s the opinion of the “gay lobby.”

  23. simon says

    “The new Pope must save the Catholic Church from waning influence amid the evils of modern society.”
    said Cardinal Pell of Australia. We are not doing well because the evil gays and disobedient women are undermining the Church. The “gay lobby” is as bad as the Jews in Nazi Germany.

  24. Jimcracky says

    The “gay lobby” was committing the sin of “adultery?” That’s ridiculous. If you’re not married, you cannot commit adultery. Fornication maybe, but there is no Commandment “Thou shalt not fornicate.” Unless, like the nuns, they think they’re married to God. In which case, how gay is that?! 😉

  25. says

    The so-called gay lobby in the Vatican hated Benedict’s hunky secretary – they were so jealous of his position that they threatened to leak the video of Benedict lollipopping Georg Gaenswein’s juicy weener if Benedict didn’t kick him out. Well, guess what bitches, if it’s between the papal throne or Gorgeous Georg, Georg wins hands down!