Republicans Co-Sponsor Uniting American Families Act for First Time

As I mentioned earlier this week, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) reintroduced the Uniting American Families Act, which would enable gay couples to sponsor their foreign partners for a green card. It's still unclear whether gay couples will be included in a comprehensive immigration reform bill, although President Obama has demanded it.

DentThe bill has been introduced in several previous sessions, but this week marked the first time that two Republicans, Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) and Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), became co-sponsors.

Said Dent:

"I'm glad to join the Log Cabin Republicans in supporting the Uniting American Families Act. This bill is a logical extension of current immigration rules. I've received a great deal of input from the business community both in my district and nationally. We are losing talented workers because of existing law. We're also losing people who were part of civic efforts to make our communities better. These are the reasons I agreed to co-sponsor this measure."

HannaAdded Hanna:

I support the Uniting American Families Act because our current immigration policy is hurting U.S. businesses and American workers. Because our laws force some couples to live apart rather than together here, Americans are pressured to take their talent, innovation, and wealth elsewhere. Businesses large and small in New York are struggling to keep some of their best workers in the United States. As a result, some companies are forced to relocate employees—and sometimes entire divisions and the jobs they represent—overseas, just to keep American talent in their organization. These Americans simply want to live in their own country with the person they love. We can keep jobs, dollars and talent right here in the United States by simply allowing financially and emotionally-committed couples to live together in the same country.

Log Cabin Republicans praised the congressmen. Said Log Cabin Republicans Interim Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo:

"We commend Congressman Dent and Congressman Hanna for their support of the Uniting American Families Act. They understand the reality today is that in nine states and the District of Columbia, committed gay couples can marry, but many bi-national same-sex couples are forced to live under the threat of being split up or deported. These individuals are taxpayers, hard workers, and innovators, and deserving of an immigration reform package that addresses reality."