1. Gay Senior says

    There is no such thing as retirement for old LGBT people, as long as the anti-gay Christians seek to stop not only gay marriage but stop LGBT people, young and old from having a normal life. All of us LGBT people are in this together, young and old and we must continue to fight until we get our equal and Civil Rights and freedoms the same as everybody else. Decades of being attacked by anti-gay Christians who will fight until we win LGBT rights and freedom is our wake up call for all LGBT people, young and old to keep fighting until we win or die trying to to get freedom and equal and Civil Rights for all LGBT people. If anything we older LGBT people need to fight the good fight with what life we have left as we are old and we can still fight as we do not have that much longer to live anyway. We can move to the front lines and spare our younger LGBT brothers and sister who will survive the war and continue on to victory as proud and free LGBT people. There is no other way but to fight to the death doing what ever we need to do to win. Our freedom is assured if we all work together until we win our rights and freedoms.

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