1. iban4yesu says

    Love the song to pieces….Kylie plays a lesbian in the film, btw… like the the two leads, I think.

    @ ANDREW,

    Are you one of those sworn fans who ostensibly and outrageously neglected Holy Motors?;-P
    I am glad that she’s putting the recording career on the shelf for now in a way, as she doesn’t have to do dance confections one after another just because that’s what sells…
    Behold, a serious actor! Hence, a ‘serious’ singer, too, yeah!!! :-) Hopefully, her next film musical in the works would have a solid soundtrack, knock woods!

  2. Todd says

    I’m with team Kylie on this one. She has yet to not surprise me when I least expect it with something different I haven’t heard from her before. This song would make Bjork proud and Alison Goldfrapp giggle. Good on ya!

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