1. Gigi says

    The clip with Schock was priceless. I would love to see that dickless weasel attempt to run for Governor of Illinois. What fun that would be.

  2. GB says

    Thomas Roberts should marry himself. He’s already married though. He’s a poster boy for his perfect anal reality.

  3. Paul says

    Since Schock doesn’t have a vote at the state level and has zero chance of becoming governor, I’m not sure why they even mentioned him. Aside maybe from maybe him look stupid, which would be great if a bit easy.

  4. unruly says

    Aaron Schock has zero chance at Governor. He is only elected in that district because it was the gutter district that the Dems gerrymandered the Repubs into. It gave Dems all the surrounding districts.

  5. Gary says

    The “straight” gay man persona is a prized commodity these days in broadcasting. Witness Cooper, Lemon and Roberts. You really can’t tell if they were more interested in The Ravens or Beyonce at the Super Bowl.

  6. He's a pig says

    Nobody needs to be concerned about that pig Aaron Schock. Nobody cares about him. There are 59 people in the Illinois Senate and the House of Rep has 118 memebers, and it will pass regardless of what this pig thinks.

  7. MateoM says

    What was that, Gary? Oh right, you just came to troll the comments thread again, which you do a lot.

    Take your fake concern elsewhere, troll.

  8. john patrick says

    I hope marriage equality passes in my home state by Valentine’s Day. I hope that other states pass marriage equality before the SCOTUS hears the cases in March.

  9. Gary says

    What is your real name Mateom? If you so in to transparency why use an absurd name. I have the right to say what ever I want. All gays are not the same Control Freak.

  10. Edward says

    You’re the troll Mateom. Make a point and leave others alone. Don’t be a comment bully. One molestation and all this pro Boy Scout talk will be moot. What are the odds?

  11. WME says

    @Randy – I suspect the “L” refers to lesbian moms who want to serve as “den mothers” for their sons’ participation in the scouts. Jennifer Tyrrell, a 32-year-old, stay-at-home mother of four, was removed from her post as den master in April because she is a lesbian.

  12. GB says

    Quentin Crisp, Oscar Wilde, Roddy McDowell and Paul Lynde said what ever came to mind. Don’t kill every gay impulse with your gay Boyscouts and mimic marriages. Whom ever you refer to as trolls may actually be the most clever, fascinating, charming, unique and handsome individuals — with the sharpest and truest tongues. We’re not all clones.

  13. Markt says

    Certain masculine traits have been prized in most cultures throughout history – like strength, bravery, leadership. In America we focus on what a man’s television choices are, their private sex-lives, and whether they use inappropriate abusive language often enough in public. This is apparently what’s important about being a man in America 2013. And don’t wear anything that looks faggy in public either. The restraints on individuality and creativity are destructive to individuals and society as a whole.